Jason Biggs Tweets Joke About Malaysian Plane Crash

jason biggs mean

Jason Biggs is accused of being insensitive to tragedy in the wake of the news that a Malaysian plane was shot down.

It all started with this tweet:

He continued with the joke 20 minutes later, saying:

After he got backlash for his comments, he replied with this set of tweets:

jason biggs twitter

The actor, best known for his role in the American Pie franchise, angered Twitter users with his insensitive remarks.
People thought he crossed the line, and made their opinions known:

The same night, after what must have been careful consideration on his part, Biggs deleted the infamous tweets, and explained with this series of messages:

jason biggs deletes tweet

Before the tweet removal occurred however, there were some fans who stuck by the comedian during the controversy:

Biggs, who now stars in Orange is the New Black, is no stranger to getting negative feedback for his Twitter comments.

In January, he tweeted about The Bachelor contestants’ looks, and the Twittersphere fought back.

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