Jennifer Huston Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jennifer Huston missing

(Facebook/Find Jennifer Huston)

A 38-year-old Oregon mother of two mysteriously vanished after buying gas last Thursday, and her family is searching for answers and pleading for the public to help track her down.

Jennifer Huston, a stay-at-home mom, lives in Dundee, Oregon, a small city about 30 miles southwest of Portland, with her husband and two young sons, aged 3 and 6. Cops and volunteers alike have been searching for her since her disappearance, but no clues have emerged as to where she is or what happened to her.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Huston Was Last Seen Buying Gas on Thursday Night

Huston was last seen Thursday night buying gas at the Circle K station in Newberg, Oregon, not far from her home in Dundee. She hasn’t been heard from since, and her credit card hasn’t been used, according to KGW.

Cops say Huston was at the gas station at 6:22 p.m., driving a dark green 1999 Lexus SUV with Oregon plate WXH 011. She has shoulde-length blond hair and blue eyes and was last seen wearing black and pink Nike shoes and black yoga pants.

Cops told The Oregonian Huston surveillance footage seems to show Huston alone in her car at the time she was getting gas.

2. Huston’s Husband Said the Couple’s Kids ‘Really, Really Need Her’

Jennifer Huston missing, Jennifer Huston husband, jennifer huston kids

(Facebook/Find Jennifer Huston)

Kallen Huston, Jennifer’s husband and the father of the couple’s two young sons, talked about his desperation for his wife to return in an interview with KGW TV, the NBC affiliate in Portland.

“We miss her very much,” he told the station. “My two boys really, really need her.”

Jennifer Huston’s father, Bill Turner, told the station there were no conflicts at home, that his daughter would “never leave her boys” and that she’s “an amazing mom and woman.”

Her sister-in-law, Liberty Knerr, told the station Huston is “one of the strongest, most living mothers you’ll ever meet.”

3. There Are No Signs of Suspicious Activity Related to Huston’s Disappearance

jennifer Huston, Jennifer Huston missing

A Newburg-Dundee police spokesman told KATU that cops are not aware of any suspicious circumstances or foul play surrounding Huston’s disappearance.

The station reported that Huston’s iPhone is off and cops have tried unsuccessfully to track her location.

4. The ‘Find Jennifer Huston’ Facebook Page Has More Than 12,000 Likes

Jennifer Huston missing

(Facebook/Find Jennifer Huston)

Huston’s family launched a “Find Jennifer Huston” Facebook page on Friday, and by Monday morning the page had more than 12,000 likes.

The page contains several posts pleading for help with the search and for attention from the media in both Oregon and California.

5. Volunteers Are Assisting Cops in the Search for Huston

Jennifer Huston, Jennifer Huston missing

In addition to the law enforcement response to Huston’s disappearance, ordinary citizens are joining in the search, Huston’s family posted on the Facebook page dedicated to finding her.

The family posted that those looking to donate snacks and bottles of water for people helping with the search can do so at the Hillside Church at 611 Main Street in Newberg.


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Question 1…
What is the Border Jumping Criminal population in that area?

Question 2…
What lakes, rivers, streams, gulleys, depressions, that might conceal a vehicle. Any logging roads in the area? Those areas need walked on foot.


Nelsosj, great point. We don’t actually need to know any facts about the case. First, we just need to rule out the Mexicans. Once we do that, we can do some actual work. Oh wait, since there are almost 500,000 Mexicans in this state, we can just assume that one of them did it, and case closed. What’s Nancy Grace got for us next?


I generally blame the Knee grows for stuff like this, but since there are only about 21 black people in all of Yamhill County, and they all have ironclad alibis, we can rule that out as a dead end. Too bad, because if you can pin it on the darkies, that usually makes the job a lots easier because they are always guilty.


I agree, the rd. 119 goes from by the school in Newberg to Dundee has a steep ditch on the west side.Has anyone looked there?

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