Justin Odom: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

One of the two men cops say is responsible for a shooting June 29 on Bourbon Street in New Orleans turned himself in Wednesday night, cops said.

Justin Odom is wanted on unrelated warrants but is believed to be connected to the shooting, which occurred in the early morning hours of July 29 and left 10 people injured.

A police press release says Odom is “known to associate with a white male named either Josh or Joe, who is also a person of interest in this investigation.”

Here’s what we know:

1. Odom Turned Himself in Wednesday Afternoon

Odom turned himself in Wednesday afternoon to police in Gretna, a New Orleans suburb.

Fox 8 New Orleans reports he was arrested on charges from unrelated warrants.

New Orleans cops had released the surveillance video above, identifying a person of interest in the investigation, late Sunday night. Police have not said whether Odom is the person seen in the video.

2. One Victim Has Died

WAFB reports that 21-year-old Brittany Thomas of Hammond, Louisiana, died on Wednesday afternoon, July 2. She had been listed in critical condition.

The Times-Picayune reports four other victims are still in the hospital, in stable condition. Four victims received treatment and have been released from the hospital, while one man was grazed in the chest and refused medical treatment.

3. Graphic Footage Shows an Armed Man in the Street

Additional surveillance footage released by cops shows an armed man raising a gun, causing passersby to flee. The video, shown above, is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers.

4. Police Said the Shooting Involved 2 ‘Cowardly Young Men’ Facing Off

Cops said two young men were responsible for the shootings. New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas called the shooters “two cowardly young men trying to hurt one another.” You can watch the superintendent’s briefing in the video above.

5. Many of the Victims Were Tourists

According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, only two of the 10 shooting victims were from New Orleans. The rest of the victims were tourists, who came to New Orleans from places like Florida, Mississippi and Australia.

Amy Matthews, the 21-year-old Australian shooting victim, told The West Australian she wrote a paper examining gun use in the United States. She said of her experience, “This won’t deter me from coming back but it makes me angry that the Government can’t be strong enough to say, ‘No, something needs to be done.'”


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Your last fast fact about justin Odom is wrong if you are implying that he is a cowardly young man. He is not. I have known him my entire life and he was always the type of person to stand up for what he believed in. He also isn’t someone who would pull out a gun just for a disagreement. He believes in the old school way of settling things. Which is 1 on 1 combat, not hiding behind a bullet. Please stop saying “facts” when you know nothing about justin.


Wait, you know that thug Justin Odom? Hiding the whereabouts of the wanted person is a crime, shame on you!

you asked

Just an FYI, videos of the area, show a young man, that resembles Odom running away from the area & with no visible sign of a gun. The NOPD have also recently released a picture of 2 more POI in the case & both young men are black. Odom turned himself in when he heard that the NOPD wanted to talk to him & has not been charged in this case. But, the other 2 POI have not turned themselves in. So, who do you suspect has something to hide? The person who voluntarily turned themselves in & talked to police or the 2 that still haven’t identified themselves & talked with police


This is just bait. Jennifer Justin is actually a true coward. Most men would easily break him. Guess when he gets a life sentence he will feel the pain.


Justin will pay for what he did……specific skills are and will be used on cowards like him…….1 mistake a man can do is disturb another man’s family……He will be found….


You don’t follow the news much do you? He’s already voluntarily gone to the PD & talked with them & has not been charged. Since when do you determine someone’s guilt or innocence before they are even charged in a case? How about the 2 other men who have been identified, by NOPD, as POI in this case. Are you going to presume they are guilty too?

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