Little Rock Base Lockdown: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Little Rock Air Force Base Lockdown

The base is home to the 19th Airlift Wing. (Wikipedia)

Little Rock Air Force Base in Jacksonville, Arkansas was on lockdown after there were reports of a suspicious person at the facility, reports THV 11. The base gates were locked and nobody went in or out of the base. A six traumatic hours, the lockdown was lifted and the all-clear was given at 5:30 p.m.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. There Is a Search On for the ‘Suspicious Person’

The lockdown was called at 11:45 a.m. Eastern time. There were reports of a suspicious person on the base. All resources were put into locating the individual. According to Arkansas Online, a statement from the base said the lockdown was “in the interest of protecting all base members and resources from a suspicious individual.”

2. The Base Is Not Calling It an ‘Active Shooter Situation

According to KATV, the a base spokesperson said that there is a suspicious person at the facility but that it is not an active shooter situation. The spox said:

Our highly trained emergency personnel are responding and we are on lockdown for the safety of our Airmen and their families. That is all we know at this time.

Where is Little Rock Air Force Base

(Google Maps)

Jacksonville, Arkansas, is located 15 miles north of the state capital, Little Rock. Local police are referring questions about the lockdown to base officials.

3. The Base Was in Training for a Shooter Scenario When the Lockdown Happened

How many people on base at Little Rock Air Force Base

An aerial shot of the base from February 2010. (Wikipedia)

Arkansas Online is reporting that the base was training for emergency situations throughout July 22 and 23. A base spokesperson told them that a “real world” situation ended the exercise as the base went into lockdown. The Jacksonville Patriot reported on July 21, that those in the area should expect delays around or near the base due to the training. The paper specified that it didn’t expect the training to impact the surrounding community too much.

4. People Living on the Base Have Been Told to Stay Indoors

Those who live on the base are being instructed to stay indoors and lock all doors and windows. In addition to being active military base, on July 15, Carolina Panthers running back, Jonathan Stewart, ran a football camp for kids at the facility earlier in July:

According to, the base is spread across 6,000 acres.

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Little Rock Air Force Base Shooting

The scene outside Little Rock Air Force Base at around 2:00 p.m., over two hours after the lockdown was first ordered. (Screengrab via Fox16)

5. The Base Is Home to the C-130 Training Center

Obama Little Rock Air Force Base

President Obama at Little Rock Air Force Base in May 2014. (Getty)

Little Rock Air Force Base is the Department of Defense training base for the C-130 troop transport plane. In 1980, an airman at the base was killed when a Titan-II missile he was conducting maintenance on exploded following an accident.

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