WATCH: Cop Caught on Tape Beating Great-Grandmother’s Face

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On Tuesday, July 1, a 51-year-old woman was walking barefoot up the side of California’s Interstate 10 when suddenly she crossed the crowded highway. That’s when a California Highway Patrol officer confronted her, ending up on top of her and punching her face repeatedly.

The incident was caught in the raw video above, which shows the officer — who hasn’t been named — delivering several hard rights to the face of Marlene Pinnock, later identified as a great-grandmother.

Although the officer has been suspended pending an investigation, below you can hear California Highway Patrol Assistant Chief Chris O’Quinn saying that the officer was protecting Pinnock, who was deemed a danger to herself and motorists.

Video: Officer Beats Woman on LA FreewaySubscribe for more Breaking News: The California Highway Patrol said Friday it is investigating video of one of its officers straddling a woman and punching her in the head as she lay on the shoulder of a Los Angeles freeway. (July 4) The Associated Press is the essential global news network, delivering fast, unbiased…2014-07-05T13:25:04.000Z

Pinnock has been admitted to a psychiatric facility, where she is undergoing an evaluation and recovering from the multiple “lumps” that her lawyer said were given to her during the beatdown.

CNN reports that Pinnock’s family plans to sue the police agency.

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