Matthew Hitt: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

matt hitt

Matthew Hitt may be the new man in Dakota Johnson’s life. The 27-year-old rocker was spotted with the actress in New York City.

The Daily Mail published a picture of the pair passionately kissing, sparking relationship rumors.

Let’s learn about the man who stole the heart of Anastasia Steele in real life.

1. He’s Spending Time With Dakota

They were spotted in New York City on July 23, the day before Johnson was on the Today Show to promote Fifty Shades of Grey.

2. He’s in a Band

Drowners – Luv, Hold Me Down (Official)Get the new album ON DESIRE:: CD, LP, & Merch: Spotify: / Amazon: / iTunes: / Follow Drowners:

The band, which he started, is called Drowners, and it’s based in New York. He is the group’s vocalist and guitarist.

The guys were offered their first gig by the Vaccines in 2011, and had to piece the band together quickly to prepare for the New York show.

“The band was hurriedly put together for the gig and the promoter needed something to put on the poster. So it was the only word that we agreed looked nice written down. That was it,” he told Wales Online.

3. He’s a Model

According to Wales Online, he was discovered in New York while on vacation.

As far as his future in modeling goes, he said, “Well, I’m 25 now and there seem to be swathes of 17-year-olds coming through every year.”

Check out his modeling profile here. His work includes ads for Gap, Vogue and Yves San Laurent.

4. He’s Educated

the drowners, drowners, jamie dornan


He graduated from Cardiff University, located in the capital of Wales, with a degree in English Literature.

As far as his favorite works of literature go, he told BEAT, “I was a teenage Catcher in the Rye fan like everyone else, but I think now Billy Liar is my favorite book.”

5. He’s Welsh But Moved to New York

“The town that I am from in Wales is so small, it’s barely a speck on a map,” he said about his native country.

He’s been living in Gotham since 2011, and started by giving guitar lessons. His making connections with musicians led him to form his band there.

In an interview with BEAT magazine, he explained how that came about:

I moved to New York about two years ago and then went out every night and over the course of the next couple of months I met loads of different musicians, these ones just seemed to all align in this one pub.

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