Melvin Santiago: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Man With Knife Takes Walgreens Guard's Gun Then Assassinates Jersey City CopAn armed robber at a Jersey City Walgreens opened fire on police Sunday morning, killing Officer Melvin Santiago while he was still sitting in his squad car, officials said. CBS 2's Janelle Burrell reports.2014-07-13T13:54:23.000Z

A 23-year-old Jersey City cop was shot while sitting in his patrol car outside a Walgreens early Sunday morning, by a perpetrator who wasn’t trying to rob the store, but was after fame.

Melvin Santiago was responding to a report of an armed robbery at the Walgreens when 27-year-old Lawrence Campbell shot Santiago from close range. Authorities said Campbell appeared to want a suicide-by-cop ending to his own life. Another cop responding to the call shot Campbell several times and he did not survive.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Campbell Had No Intention of Robbing the Store

Melvin Santiago shot killed Lawrence Campbell

Lawrence Campbell. (Screenshot/Hudson County View/NJ Department of Corrections)

Officials told CBS New York Campbell had no intention of robbing the Walgreens, even though officers were initially called to the store to respond to an armed robbery. Campbell beat up an armed guard outside the store and stole his gun. While he was waiting for police to arrive, Campbell apologized to a woman in the store for his conduct, but explained that she should watch the news because he was going to be famous.

2. Santiago Was Only 23

Santiago was only 23 years old. He had been hired by the Jersey City Police Department last July and graduated from the police department in December, according to His partner, Ismael Martinez, also graduated from the police academy in December, according to his Facebook page. Santiago was sitting in the passenger seat of the squad car with the door open.

3. Lawrence Campbell Was a Person of Interest in Another Murder

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fullop said Lawrence Campbell was a person of interest in an ongoing murder case, according to Details were not provided about that particular crime. Campbell had served time in prison on three different drug convictions and was last released from prison on January 21, 2014. A memorial, pictured above, was created in Jersey City to remember Lawrence Campbell. The memorial has since been removed, according to

4. Being a Cop Was Santiago’s Dream

Family, Community Mourn Jersey City Cop Killed In The Line Of DutyAs CBS 2's Matt Kozar reported, the 23-year-old cop had only been on the job for 7-months.2014-07-14T04:04:44.000Z

Santiago’s mother, Cathy McBride, told the New York Daily News that being a cop was her son’s “dream.” She said:

My son was 23-years-old and he was a good boy. And he didn’t deserve to get a bullet in his head for no reason. For just doing his job. It was his dream and he was living his dream, but at the same time he didn’t have to die like that. All because somebody wanted to be famous. My son did not deserve that.

His step-father, Alex McBride, added, “He didn’t even make it a whole year. I can’t believe it.”

Fulop said of Santiago:

By all accounts, he was enthusiastic, motivated, wanted to be in the West District because he was a true police officer and wanted to be a part of that culture in every single way. Aggressive about learning. … He just really loved being a police officer, with the brightest future possible. So it’s with a heavy heart that we’re here today, to say the least.

5. Campbell Asked a Store Clerk for Help Before the Attack Began

Melvin Santiago RIP Lawrence Campbell shooter

The Walgreens on the corner of Communipaw Avenue and Kennedy Boulevard in Jersey City where Santiago was shot. (Google Maps)

According to the New York Daily News, Fulop’s office said Campbell had entered the Walgreens and asked the same security officer he attacked directions to purchase a greeting card. He followed the directions of the security officer, then circled back to the officer. Campbell attacked the officer with a knife and stole his gun. The New York Daily News spoke to local residents, who heard the gunshots, and said they try and avoid that area of the city at night because business are typically targets for robberies.

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