Nadia Forde: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Rory McIlroy backed out of his last relationship in a big way, calling off his wedding to Caroline Wozniacki a few days after sending out their invitations. He’s back in the dating world with Irish model Nadia Forde, according to the Irish Mail via CBS Sports.

Here’s what you need to know about the new woman in McIlroy’s life.

1. Forde and McIlroy Spent the Night Out in Dublin

rory mcillroy, girlfriend, nadia forde boyfriend


McIlroy and Forde were “spotted in the trendy House bar” on Dublin’s Leeson Street last weekend, according to The Irish Mail on Sunday newspaper. The couple hung out with a group of McIlroy’s friends and rang up a bar tab of £5,500 (about $7,489). Sources told the Irish Mail about the new pair’s evening:

According to sources Rory and Nadia were seen ‘getting close’ all night and left the pub alone together just before 3 a.m. where Rory had a chauffeur-driven Mercedes waiting outside.

2. Forde Is a Professional Recording Artist

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Forde released her debut single “BPM” on May 2. Watch the song’s music video above. The model-turned-singer plans to make music her main career focus moving forward, she told RSVP magazine:

I’m nervous but so excited to finally release my debut single. I’ve been working really hard and I think performing for the past few years in pantomimes as well as singing the National Anthem at the Aviva has hopefully shown the public that I am more than ready to make my music career my main focus.

Her song “Haunted,” about her childhood and estrangement from her parents growing up, accompanied the song on the double a-side release.

Watch the video for “Haunted” below.

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3. Forde Starred in the TV Documentary ‘Nadia Goes To Hollywood’

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The three-part documentary series Nadia Goes to Hollywood that premiered on April 23 showcased Forde’s “rise to multi-platform stardom on the global stage,” according to her website biography. Forde told The Irish Daily Star that she originally hesitated on discussing her personal life on the program:

Originally I wasn’t going to put any personal stuff to it. As filming went on, we realized that there was just this massive hole of unexplained subjects.

Forde’s parents split up around age seven. She and her brother were primarily raised by their grandmother as well as aunts and uncles.

Watch the video above for a sneak peek at the show’s second episode.

4. She Has Acted on Stage and on Screen

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Forde made regular guest-appearances on Irish television programs The Republic of Telly and Celebrity Salon, according to her website bio. She also has acted on stage at Dublin’s Tivoli Theatre.

Watch her in a sketch from Republic of Telly about a tea-porn film called Fifty Shade of Tae, starring Colin Farrell (played by an impersonator).

5. She Friends With Model Katie Larmour Who Is Engaged to McIlroy’s Close Friend

Forde spent the day after hanging out with McIlroy in his hometown of Bangor with her model friend Katie Larmour. Larmour is engaged to McIlroy’s close friend Harry Diamond.