PHOTOS: Russian-Backed Insurgents Take Control of MH17 Crash Site


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Hello, WAKE YOU UP! What are you talking for a shit?
1: The plane had had on the day did not fly over south-east Ukraine! In the last moment, the new flight plan have gotten from Ukrainian government and had fleigen through South-Eastern Ukraine!

2: And before the plane fell Ukrainian President has the same holds press conference and accused South East Ukrainians for it! Attention is not even landed komlett down during the Jets! So the parts still flew in the air! And the plane was only in Ukrainian region, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast shot only 4 minutes and the plane would land on Russian territories and then the whole U.S. government and Ukraine could accuse it! Why? The reason for this is because Putin has utnerschrieben BRICS and Europe want keien make further sanctions against Russia!

3: When the Americans have the plane shot down in 1988 have still to blame one’s own does not recognize up today! And Ukraine has already shot down on 2001 Russian Passagiren plane! That you can still find everything on the internet and have not even apologized! Only just said; Well that happens sometimes now time is normal!

And before you talk such shit! Find out how you first objective and believes not always your “free press” and your canals “Democratic” Presedent!

I am German and can several language and I know what the thing is I’m talking several languages; German, Italian, English, Russian, Spanish!

ane vigen

You are as crazy as they are – so no Wonder you write like you do…. Shame n you!

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