Scott Schuck: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Scott Schuck, the boyfriend of Rebecca Cassidy, the Shelbyville, Indiana, woman who went missing in 2010, has been arrested, charged with killing his girlfriend, reports WTHR.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Cops Searched Schuck’s Home All Night Before His Arrest

Since July 29, FBI agents and local police had been digging and searching the lawn area of Scott Schuck’s home in Shelbyville. Schuck watched the digging from a neighbor’s house. When asked by reporters if there was a dead body buried in his home, he said there wasn’t. Experts from the University of Indianpolis Archaeology and Forensics team aided in the search.

2. Schuck & Rebecca Cassidy Were a Couple

Schuck was the boyfriend of Cassidy, a 33-year-old single mother, who disappeared in April 2010. He had always maintained his innocence in the case. Schuck told the media during the search, “They searched my property once before with my consent, without a search warrant. Cadaver dogs and everything, found nothing.” Fox 59 reports that Schuck and Cassidy were a couple for five years. He told Fox about their relationship:

Her and I’s relationship, we connected, she came a long way and everything,I have no clue what happened. I just know when she left here it’s the last time I’ve seen her.

3. He’s Been Charged With Manslaughter

According to WTHR, Schuck is facing charges of voluntary manslaughter.

4. Schuck Is a Shelbyville Resident

According to his Facebook page, Schuck is a native of Shelbyville and graduated Shelbyville High School in 1986. He also wrote on his page that is single.

5. Cassidy’s Aunt Said Her Niece Would Take a Ride From Anybody

Rebecca Cassidy Missing Arrest Boyfriend

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Cassidy’s aunt, Cheryl Woolen, had previously spoken about her niece, saying that she was trusting, and would take a ride from strangers. Cassidy was the mother of two children who lived with their grandparents. Upon hearing of Schuck’s arrest, Cassidy’s niece, Abby Wilson, wrote on Facebook:

I hope you rot in hell you sick son of a bitch. The fact that you could live in a home knowing the woman you murdered is burried in your back yard for four years is sickening. You have caused my family so much pain. Karma is a bitch. R.I.P Aunt Becky. I love you.