Rosemarie Farid: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rosemarie Farid from Sunrise, Florida, is being held by cops after her roommate, Donald Galvagni, was beaten to death on the morning of June 30 in the apartment they shared, reports NBC Miami. In the days leading up to Galvagni’s death, Farid write on her Facebook page that she was “having violent fantasies about taking revenge on Donny.” Donald Galvagni’s body wasn’t discovered until July 3.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Said On Video That She Bashed Her Roommate’s Head Against Their Floor

According to police, Farid said in a Facebook video, that she bashed Donald Galvagni’s head against the floor of their home. Farid is alleged to have then said that she kept Galvagni’s phone away from him, preventing him from calling the police. In another post, on June 30, Farid said:

I’m so pissed about having to live with Donny loser that it will be hard not to kick Donnys ass today. Im in a violent mood and Donny has one coming from me, big time!

Later that day, according to The New York Daily News, Farid posted a video in which she said:

I know that I can become pretty violent and I’m a pretty dangerous person when I’m driven to it.

2. Farid Compared Herself to Trayvon Martin

In a bizarre rant, Farid likens herself to the slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. In a video on the day Galvagni is believed to have died, she says:

I took all of the money out of his wallet and I stole his phone. And I bashed his head on the floor a couple of times and got the floor all bloody.

In addition to comparing herself to Martin, she compares herself to victims of terrorism and to “gay men who hate women.”

An excerpt from the Facebook post can be seen here.

3. Her Roommate Finally Died After a Heart Attack

Rosemarie Farid House Sunrise Florida

The home that Farid and Donald Galvagni shared at 8397 NW 25 Court in Sunrise, Florida. (Google Street View)

Police went to the pair’s apartment after being asked to perform a welfare check by friends of Galvagni. Cops say there were pools of blood in the living room, bloody washcloths in the sink. It’s suspected that Galvagni had a heart attack after losing blood from massive head trauma.

4. When Cops Went to Arrest Her, She Was Already in Custody on an Unrelated Incident

Farid is being held without bond on a first-degree murder charge at Broward main jail, reports Local 10. The station further reports that after Galvagni’s body was found, police found Farid being involuntarily held at Florida Medical Center due to an unrelated incident with a friend.

5. On Her Facebook Page, She Says She’s Engaged

On her infamous Facebook page, Farid states that she’s engaged and is a native of Queens, New York having once lived in Alexandria, Egypt. She also says that she works at “Servantry” having studied elderly care in college and that she previously worked for American Airlines.


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I personally knew rosemarie,at the time she had been calling harassing me and sending me hate mail,the local police department here in arlington, where she grew up,we’re building a case against her.i have proof via mail, from her.its really sad to see she continued down such a path.she was my best friend for many years….

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