Sami Khedira: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Sami Khedira’s goal against Brazil helped extend what was already turning into one of the biggest routs in World Cup history. Khedira’s goal made it 5-0 just 29 minutes into the teams’ semifinal.

Read on for more about Khedira’s life and career.

1. He Suffered an Injury That Didn’t Allow Him to Play for 5 Months

Sami Khedira Injury


In November, Khedira tore ligaments in his knee, forcing him to miss five months. He was unable to play at all for the first few weeks, which he told Sky Sports was very difficult.

Although the incident took place in November, there was still worry that Khedira would be unable to play in the World Cup. According to the Daily Mail, he tore both his anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament in a friendly with Milan.

He began his rehabilitation immediately, and once he was able to at least practice a little, he told reporters he felt more like himself. He told Sky Sports:

I feel like a football player now, because I’m back on a football pitch. It’s like being at home.

2. Arsenal Was Interested in Signing Him

Arsenal, Sami Khedira Transfer


Before Khedira’s knee injury, he was being sought by Arsenal, which was preparing to offer Real Madrid a $31.3 million transfer fee, according to the Daily Mirror.

Interest in the transfer died down after the injury.

3. He’s Dating German Model Lena Gercke

Sami Khedira Girlfriend, Lena Gerke, Sami Khedira and Lena Gerke


Khedira is in a relationship with a German model name Lena Gercke. The two have been a pair since May of 2011 and were featured together on the cover of GQ Magazine.

According to Following Real Madrid, Khedira’s model girlfriend became a celebrity at just 18 years old when she won the first season of Germany’s Next Top Model. After the show, she was mostly out of the spotlight until she began dating Khedira.

4. He is Not Very Highly Rated on Real Madrid

Sami Khedira Rank, Sami Khedira Stats


TalkSport believed when Arsenal wanted to sign Sami Khedira that it would be a step in the wrong direction for the team as a whole. Arsenal has been looking to sign well-known players of late, these players may be skilled, but there may be no room for improvement.

At 27, many believe that Khedira will not be getting any better than he is. It is often argued that insteadof looking for already well-known players on other teams, Arsenal should sign younger players with more potential.

5. He May Not Be Real Madrid’s Go-To Midfielder Anymore

Sami Khedira Yellow Card


Prior to his injury, Sami Khedira was always the first choice for real Madrid’s midfield. When he was injured in November, Xabi Alonso and Luka Modric were joined by attacking midfielder Angel di Maria, who pleasantly surprised the team and coach.

Once Khedira had recovered and was ready to once again take his position as the main midfielder, the coach and manager didn’t want to replace di Maria with Khedira after all the progress he had made. Bleacher Report says that Now they are all in a difficult position, to go back to what they have always known with Khedira or keep up the new way with di Maria.