Tim Krul: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Tim Krul is the Netherland’s replacement goal keeper in the increasingly-intense 2014 World Cup. Krul made headlines when he was put in during the Netherlands quarter final match against Costa Rica but, can Krul bring the same magic as they advance to the semi finals?

Here is what you need to know:

1. He Was Put In For Penalties Against Costa Rica

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The stressful quarter final match between Netherlands and Costa Rica went through 30 minutes of extra time, and down to the penalty shootout. In a surprise move, the Netherlands called a substitution and put in a fresh goalie for the shootout. Tim Krull was dubbed the hero of the game after he saved two kicks allowing the Netherlands to advance to the semi finals.

2. Krul Tried to Intimidate Shooters by Talking to Them

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In one of the more controversial moments of the World Cup, Krul spent the moments in between each Costa Rican shooter during the penalty shootout trying to intimidate them.

According to CBC, Krul approached each shooter and told them whether or not they were going to shoot left or right. No matter what he said, Krul dove the opposite way of what he told the shooters and made the right choice for all 5 shots. Although technically not illegal, many critics have attacked the tactic saying that the referees should have stopped him from approaching the shooters.

3. He Plays for Newcastle United

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Krul was drafted by Newcastle United in the summer of 2006. His joining of the team was followed by 3 years of loans, spending 2007-2008 with Falkirk, and 2008-2009 at Carlisle United.

Since returning to Newcastle, Krul has made some impressive displays, earning him the award of Premier League Player of the Month in November 2013.

4. Netherlands Are Undefeated

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The Netherlands are one of the few teams in the tournament able to call themselves undefeated. With the exception of their incredibly close match against Costa Rica, the Netherlands have always enjoyed a healthy lead over their opponents. Starting in the group round, the team beat Spain 5-1, Australia 3-2, Chile 2-0, and Mexico 2-1.

5. Netherlands Will Play Argentina in the Semi Finals

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After Brazil’s awful defeat at the semi-finals, Wednesday’s match will determine whether Argentina or Netherlands will face Germany in the final match of the 2014 World Cup.

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