TransAsia Airways Crash: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A TransAsia Airways passenger jet made an emergency crash landing in Taiwan last night, killing 47 people, Reuters reports. There are varying accounts of how many were killed and injured in the crash. Channel News Asia reports a local fire chief putting the death toll from the crash at 45. Taiwan News reports the crash killed 47 and injured 11 people. The Independent reports seven people were injured in the crash. The crash was the result of rough weather in the area, according to The New York Times.

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Here’s what you need to know about the crash:

1.The Crash Set 2 Buildings on Fire

Taiwan News reports the plane crashed in the Taiwanese township of Huhsi and set two homes ablaze.

According to Reuters, 11 passengers were injured as a result of the crash. A government official told Reuters a few empty apartment buildings caught fire, but that no one was inside at the time.

2. The Plane Requested to Land Twice

According to Taiwan News, the pilot of the jet tried and failed to make an emergency landing earlier in the flight. The pilot then requested permission to try again and shortly after the control tower lost contact with the plane. A map of the plane’s crash location is included in the tweet below:

3. The Flight Was Delayed Because of Bad Weather Caused by a Typhoon

The flight was originally scheduled to depart from Kaohsiung at 4 p.m., but instead took of at 5:43 because of rough weather. Reports indicated the crash was the result of strong winds and heavy rain brought in from Typhoon Matmo, which passed over Taiwan yesterday, according to Taiwan News. According to The New York Times, gusts of wind approaching 40 miles per hour were reported. A spokesperson for the Penghu County Government Fire Bureau told Reuters, “It was thunderstorm conditions during the crash.”

4. This Is the Company’s 8th Accident in 13 Years

According to Taiwan News, TransAsia Airways has had eight accidents in the last 13 years, six of which involved the French-Italian ATR-72, which crashed yesterday. There were 54 passengers and four crew members on board the flight, according to the Associated Press. The jet was only 14 years old, according to CNA.

5. TransAsia Airways Was Formed in 1951

The company was formed as Taiwan’s first private airline in 1951. The airline originally focused on domestic flights, but now offers more than 15 international routes, traveling to Cambodia, China, Japan, Macau, Palau, South Korea and Thailand. TransAsia’s president, Chooi Yee-choong, issued a public apology, saying, “We express our deepest apologies to everyone for this unfortunate event.”

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