Vernon Merriweather: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Starbucks heroin

(Getty & Facebook)

Vernon Charles Allen Merriweather is suing Oprah Winfrey and Starbucks for $15 million after claiming he was served heroin in his Oprah Chai Tea, according to The Daily Mail. Merriweather’s federal lawsuit claims that the staff at a Buffalo, New York, Starbucks were adding drugs, specifically heroin and Ambien, to customers’ drinks. He also claimed that the staff used racial slurs against him.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. He Claims He Wasn’t Hired Because the Baristas Called Themselves an Aryan Nation

vernon merriweather starbucks, vernon merriweather heroin

(Facebook/Vernon Merriweather)

Merriweather is suing Oprah and Starbucks for discrimination and harassment after enduring a series of racial slurs. According to Urban Daily, Merriweather claims he applied for a job at Starbucks but was told “We don’t hire n*****s, and the baristas called themselves an Aryan nation.

2. Oprah Chai Teas Were Not Sold Until Six Months After His Claims Were Made

vernon merriweather, vernon merriweather

(Facebook/Vernon Merriweather)

There are some major flaws in Merriweather’s story. First and foremost, Merriweather claims that his tea was spiked with drugs six months before Oprah’s Chai tea brand was even added to the Starbucks menu.

3. He’s Suing Two Colleges in Buffalo As Well

According to the State Column, Merriweather is not only suing Oprah and Starbucks, but two colleges in Buffalo for discrimination and harassment as well. Specifics about his lawsuits against the schools have not been provided.

4. He Uploaded A Strange Post About Oprah To His Facebook

vernon merriweather, vernon merriweather facebook, vernon merriweather (Facebook/Vernon Merriweather)

Merriweather suspiciously uploaded what looks like a screenshot of Oprah crying to his Facebook page on May 8, with the caption “The city up? or me”. Merriweather is followed by twelve people on Facebook, and his About me reads: “I dont have a Position-Bambi at Abbott Laboratories and CEO & Founder at 23Q&am; Creative Direction”

One of his former Facebook photos is of a letter sent to him by a law firm from February 2012. You can check it out below.

5. Starbucks Is One of Four Locations Listed On His Facebook

Vernon Merriweather Facebook page

Merriweather has only updated his ‘Places’ on Facebook four times, but four months ago, he mysteriously updated his page to say that he visited Starbucks. The one he listed was located in Cheektowaga, New York.

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