WATCH: 4 Palestinian Children Killed in Israeli Airstrike

Warning: Graphic Footage

On July 16, an Israeli airstrike rocked a Mediterranean beach in the Gaza Strip, killing four Palestinian children playing soccer by the seaside. A large group of international reporters staying in a costal hotel overlooking the beach rushed to the scene to document what had happened. On the beach they found four children from the same family, Mohammed Baker, 9, Ahed Baker, 10, Zakaria Baker, 10, and Mohammed Baker, 11, dead after a strike from the Israeli navy.

Above you can watch an Associated Press video of the bodies being carried through the streets of Gaza. Below you can watch the disturbing video purporting to show what people found when they came upon the beach:

The Washington Post quotes Israeli Defense Forces calling the incident “a tragic outcome” but blaming Hamas forces for the “cynical exploitation of a population held hostage.”