Bryan P. Willman Didn’t Kill Michael Brown, Say St. Louis County Police

Bryan Willman Twitter


Hacktivist group Anonymous claimed today in a series of brash tweets that Bryan P. Willman was the cop who shot and killed unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, on August 9.

As Anonymous threatened to release further info — including the officer’s address — if it didn’t get a response, the claim was refuted by the St. Louis County Police, who responded on Twitter:

Anonymous dismissed the response and, soon after the Twitter exchange with the cops, tweeted photos of a man they said was Bryan Willman.

Less than an hour later, the group’s Twitter account was suspended.

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson later told CNN that the name of the officer released by Anonymous was “incorrect.”

Authorities have withheld the officer’s identity while uprisings rage in Ferguson and heavily armed cops unleash tear gas on protesters.


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David Evans

He works for the Saint Ann police department – which is right next to Ferguson

Bryan Willman
Police Department
Title: Communications Supervisor
Phone: 314-427-8000
Communications Supervisor


That is St. Ann PD .. What does that have to do with St. Louis County or Ferguson PD? A communication specialist is a civilian position.


You don’t know what you are talking about. There are about 5 towns within 4 miles of St. Ann; Charlack and St. John are 2 within walking distance to St. Ann. It is true that these Municipalities fall within St. Louis County but they have their own PD and don’t rely on St. Louis County PD. If you go to what is considered St. Louis, there are St. Louis PD that handles that area and that is separate from St. Louis PD. These are all separate entities and each employee gets paid by the municipality that they work at or St. Louis County.


I meant to say that St. Louis PD is not the same as St. Louis County PD and they have separate jurisdictions.


They are all “civilians”. Law enforcement officers are “civilians”.

Do you mean he is not authorized as a law enforcement officer, carrying a firearm?

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