Daniel Pantaleo: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

daniel pantaleo

Daniel Pantaleo, an eight-year-veteran of the New York Police Department, is under investigation after a witness’ cell phone video shows him putting Eric Garner in a chokehold during an incident in Staten Island.

Garner, a Brooklyn resident and father of six, died after his attempted arrest for allegedly selling loose cigarettes on the street.

The death of the 400-pound asthmatic man has been ruled a homicide. The incident has sparked a massive backlash against NYPD brutality.

Here is what you need to know about Daniel Pantaleo:

1. He’s Been Sued for Strip Searching and Groping 2 Men

On March 22, 2012, two African-American men, 45-year-old Darren Collins and 42-year-old Tommy Rice, were driving in a car at 10 a.m. when they were pulled over by Pantaleo on Jersey Street on Staten Island. Although it was later proven there was no reason to do so, both men were asked to vacate their car and were handcuffed.

Then, according to the complaint you can read above, Pantaleo preformed a “humiliating and unlawful strip search in public view,” where he forced the two men to “pull their pants and underwear down, squat and cough.” The two men were then taken to the police station, where they underwent a second strip search where their genitals were “lifted.”

After the lawsuit, both men were awarded $15,000 from the city.

2. He’s Also Been Sued for Wrongful Arrest

Pantaleo was also sued over a separate incident from 2012. On February 16, Pantaleo is accused of arresting Rylawn Walker without cause and keeping him locked up for 24 hours. Walker claims Pantaleo manufactured misconduct in order to justify the arrest. You can read the complaint above.

The case has yet to be settled.

3. Eric Garner’s Death Was Ruled Homicide by the Medical Examiner

On August 1, the Office of the Medical Examiner determined that the chokehold caused Garner’s death, specifically the compression of the throat and “the compression of his chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by the police.”

The death was ruled a homicide. It is unclear at this point what, if any, judicial actions will follow.

4. He’s Been Put on Desk Duty

According to reports, Pantaleo’s badge and gun were taken away, but he was not suspended, fired or arrested. He is serving in a desk job.

According to the Global Grind, the president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association called his transfer a “completely unwarranted, knee-jerk reaction.”

5. Chokeholds Are Forbidden by the NYPD

knockout game arrest


The NYPD Patrol Guide states that excessive violence, and specifically chokeholds, will “not be tolerated.”

It reads, “Members of the New York City Police Department will not use chokeholds. A chokehold shall be included, but is not limited to, any pressure to the throat or windpipe, which may prevent or hinder breathing or reduce intake of air.”


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Who, indeed, would dare to make a negative statement about a rogue NYC police officer without worrying every time they left their home?


Both officers from the video should be fired. From a big cannon to a wall.
Sorry. Karma will take care anyway.


I’m glad that Pantaleo was not found guilty and freed because he did what was needed to subdue a criminal.


all daniel has to do is quit thebforce and all this goes away! .if not I will publish his families addresses, phone,dob and children’s info! …daniel do the bright thing …I live on the same block as your fanily


His address will be published soon…. I live next to his relatives …. I asked them to do the right thing and denounce him as family… I’m giving them a little more time and I will be listing their address, phone. Dob and children’s records. All daniel has to do is retire and quit the force and all this goes away!!


Garner was choked to death just down the street from me. Pantaleo needs to be fired. Lynch & the NYPD needs to be investigated. Ramsey needs to be released & moved into witness protection. The federal government needs to get involved.


He should be serving hard time in a max security prison. That’s where murderers go. That’s what this animal is.


I started crying at the end of this video. For an innocent person to repeatedly call out “I can’t breathe” whilst slipping away was horrendous.
Every person has the right to life and officers responsible for protecting lives were so disgustingly neglectful- that they ended one.
NO Pantaleo shouldn’t have been demoted to desk work. He should have been thrown in jail immediately even as an evident suspect/someone involved.
It was the wrong procedure completely and officers are getting away FAR too lightly because they’re position in the justice system.
All officers in this video are murderers or accomplices and deserve the highest punishment, just like any other.


A piece of shit like most cops. Send him to Jail so we can see how tough he really is. The city is at fault still knowing that he was sued before for wrongful behavior and arrests, the city settles 30k to victims and still allow him to be on the street?


If Daniel Pantaleo is deservedly stomped into oblivion by a crowd at some point in the hopeful future, I anticipate someone will film it so that the nation can sit down to watch.


but the real guilty is the police department because they cover for this animal everytime he decides to go crazy and force people to strip naked in front of everyone just for the thrill of humiliate them, this is so sad, giving them money doesnt compensate for anything, that man should be behind bars, there are so many bad people. :(

if he is not stopped he will keep with his abusive behaviour towards people. desk duty is nothing.

in the end he killed someone, i know that the man resisted but anyways he didnt have to be so violent. that s why i am afraid of police officers (most of them are violent or crazy).


If the chokehold he used to kill Garner is “prohibited” and “not tolerated” how is he still employed?


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