Darren Wilson’s Side of the Michael Brown Shooting Story [AUDIO]

As protests rage in Ferguson, Missouri, over the killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown and the failure of authorities to arrest his killer, Officer Darren Wilson, we still haven’t heard Wilson’s version of events.

However, a purported acquaintance of Wilson, who says she heard the cop’s side of the story from his “significant other,” shared what she claims is Wilson’s account to The Dana Show on radio station FM NewsTalk 97.1.

You can listen to it above.

In her narrative, which CNN says matches Wilson’s own account according to sources close to him, Wilson is “bum rushed” by the 300-pound teen and acts in self-defense.

Here’s the blow by blow, according to a woman calling herself Josie:

  • Wilson sees Brown and Brown’s friend walking in the street, rolls down his cruiser’s window and asks them to get out of the road.
  • They refuse and swear at him; he pulls over in his cruiser ahead of them.
  • Wilson “gets a call-in” about a strong-arm robbery, sees that Brown may match the description, and rolls his cruiser back in reverse to confront them.
  • When Wilson attempts to exit the vehicle, Brown slams the door shut. Wilson tries to get out again; Brown “bum-rushes” him, throws him back in the cruiser and punches him in the face.
  • Wilson reaches for his gun, Brown grabs the gun, and the gun fires during the struggle.
  • Brown and his friend take off and get “about 35 feet away”; Wilson stands up and shouts “police.”
  • Brown and his friend turn around and taunt Wilson. Brown then suddenly “bum rushes” Wilson at full speed, and Wilson starts shooting.
  • Brown keeps coming as Wilson keeps shooting, until a final shot to the head kills him, and Brown’s body falls a few feet from Wilson.
  • Josie’s account is a near exact match to this now-deleted Facebook post, written under the name Darren Wilson:

    darren wilson facebook, michael brown shooting

    CNN’s Ryan Sloane “confirmed” the Wilson Facebook post is a fake. But it’s a match to the radio account CNN confirmed matches Wilson’s story. Meanwhile, Josie says she learned Wilson’s story from Wilson’s girlfriend on “Sunday night before the riots” when “they were still on Facebook.”

    In the video below, witnesses are heard in the background, describing Brown’s actions during the shooting. The comments about his advancing toward the police may corroborate part of Josie’s version of events.

    Below is an eyewitness video of Brown’s body, with Wilson pacing near the dead teen just after the shooting occurred:

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    I think there is reason to believe that the Facebook account is true, whether it is a fake account or not, simply because the story tells about the strong arm robbery of cigars long before that information was released to the public! How did the poster know about that? The only people who knew about that at the time were cops and friends of Michael. Michael’s friends didn’t post it, so either Darren or another insider (who would know his story) posted it. There is no other explanation. It has to be Darren Wilson’s account of events. Plus, I thought CNN said that police had verified that the Josie Audio matched Darren’s story. So…..

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