Ice Bucket Challenge Disaster: Firefighters Hurt as Power Line Shocks Ladder Truck

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Four firefighters were injured, one of them critically, when a high-voltage power line electrified a ladder truck they were using to dump water on a group of college students doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The tragic events unfolded yesterday in Campbellsville, Kentucky, as the local firemen assisted the students in a charity stunt that has taken the Internet by storm. The viral fundraiser has raised more than 40 million for ALS research and is hailed as a game-changer for nonprofit fundraising.

While the challenge normally involves one person doused in ice water, the Campbellsville University marching band decided to go big, huddling as a group and getting the local fire department to douse them at once from the truck’s extended ladder.

But just after the stunt, the truck got too close to a power line.

Electricity surged through metal vehicle, injuring four firemen. Captain Tony Grider, 41, who was in the ladder bucket, suffered severe burns and is in critical condition. A second firefighter, who was also in the bucket, is in fair condition. Two others suffered lesser injuries.

Above, watch a report on the incident. Below, watch the police press conference.

Ky. Firefighters Hurt in Ice Bucket ChallengePolice in Kentucky say two firefighters were seriously injured when the fire truck's ladder got too close to a power line as they helped college students take part in an ice bucket challenge. (Aug. 21) Subscribe for more Breaking News: Get updates and more Breaking News here: The Associated Press is the essential…2014-08-22T03:20:12.000Z
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