Gabriel Gaeta Pictures: The Photos You Need to See


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Fucking faggot website the whole lot of you all nothing but faggots


What’s your problem, pussy? You related to this piece of shit or something?

Bell almanza

You uploaded my status which is the one I posted of Gabe and that’s my personal Facebook, I would appreciate it if it could come down.


Everything is public once it hits the internet. This f*#kin disgusting, waste of life needs to be exposed. I would feel disgusted for even knowing this piece of sh!t.

Heather is stupid

Someday when you group (i.e.) mature, you’ll find out that some of the people you happen to know are not good folks. Then I hope that you “feel disgusted for even knowing “those” piece’s of shit. What a moronic thing to say.

Courtney Hale

That’s the thing Heather. You do not know anything other than what your read. No one needs your hate speech. What we do need is your help for her gofundme to pay the funeral cost.


Nothing on the internet is private. If you have a problem with it, yell at Facebook.

Malachi Smith

Hey bell, I agree. They did not ask for permission to utilize your private posts. They need to take the post down. It upsets me that I sat next to have and class.

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