Hayley Turner Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Hayley Turner was missing from the Bedford Township in Monroe County, Michigan, for less than 24 hours after going missing at 10 p.m. on August 7, reports the Detroit Free Press. Law enforcement in the area believed that she was abducted.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. She Was Found on August 8

Fox 2 reporter Erika Erickson tweeted at 3:36 p.m. on August 8 that Turner had been found and was safe and well. She was located in Ecorse, Michigan, according to Sheriff Dale Malone. Malone stressed that the investigation was ongoing. Ecorse is around 45 miles north of where she was last seen. Click On Detroit reports that she was found on the porch of a house.

Anybody with any information about Turner’s disappearance is asked to call the Monroe County Sheriff on 1-734-240-7530 or 1-7734-240-7700.

2. The Last Thing Turner Said to a Friend Was ‘He’s Got a Gun’

Turner had been driving her car along Dean Road in Monroe County, Michigan while talking to a friend on the phone. She had pulled over to check on a man who was lying in a ditch. Turner is said to have yelled “he’s got a gun!” After which, the phone went dead. Her car was found unoccupied east of the town of Temperance, Michigan, a few miles north of the Ohio border, the engine was still running.

The Monroe News reports that after the phone went dead, the friend called Turner’s father who went to the area to look for her. He was the one who found her car. CBS News reports that Turner was driving home after going to the store.

3. Her Mother Said Her Daughter ‘Wouldn’t Run Away’

Turner’s mother, Christy, said that Turner “wouldn’t run away.” She pleaded with her daughter to return home at a media briefing, she said:

Hayley, if you can hear me, please call us. Please call anybody. We just want you safely home. No questions asked. We just miss you. We love you. We just want you home.

You can watch the briefing below with Morris County Sheriff Dale Malone:

Sheriff Malone said in the press conference:

This is an active investigation and officers are following up on active leads.

CBS News reports that the FBI have joined the search for Turner.

4. Her Phone Has Been Recovered

Turner’s phone was found two miles from where she was last seen. The battery was removed from it. Her wallet has also been recovered. Police told the media that there was a possible sighting of Turner at 4:30 a.m. in Erie, Michigan. She may have been with a man.

Hayley Turner Erie Michigan

At 9:30 a.m. a woman called the Monroe County sheriff to say she thought she had seen Hayley Turner here at 1944 East Erie Road in Erie, Michigan. (Google Street View)

5. Turner Is Due to Start College in the Fall

According to her Facebook page, Turner had just graduated from Notre Dame Academy in Toledo, Ohio. She is due to start at the University of Toledo in the fall. Turner says on her social media page that she is single. In May 2013, she posted that she was in a “complicated relationship” with Drew Berdish.

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1 Comment

Timothy Allen Campbell

Hayley Turner was just kidnapped raped and tortured for 16 hours and the news people thought she wanted to get out of the SUV and tell her story to the world before she even seen a doctor or therapist, what are they fockin crazy? Then they claim she was making up the story to get attention? If she was just doing it to get attention she would’ve jumped out of the SBU and said “hi I’m Hayley Turner I was tortured, raped and kidnapped for 16 hours now I’m famous on the news” she didn’t want to be videotaped. She is was raped, kidnapped and tortured, so she flipped off the fuckin insane news people. She should’ve jumped out of the SUV within a ax and hacked their heads off and put their severed heads on poles for being so insane, to think that someone who is just raped, tortured and kidnapped wanted to be on the news so her kidnappers and torturers could see her. If I was just kidnapped, raped and tortured and these news people wanted to video me and my story before I even told it to the cops, I would of flipped him off too and probably even got a gun and shot them all dead. These news agencies need to be sued for so many billions of dollars they’ve never do that again. Please watch my video on YouTube titled “Hayley Turner & Organized Crime” on channel “Timothy Allen Campbell GoTimothy”

Oh and her phone was found alongside the Road with the batteries missing and cops believe this was part of the made-up story. There needs to be a revolution now. There is no doubt Ecorse cops are the ones who kidnapped raped and tortured her and Ben are trying to accuse her of making up the story and suing her so they don’t get charged with rape and kidnapping.

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