Tommy Schaefer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tommy Schaefer has been arrested in Bali, charged with the murder of his girlfriend’s mother. According to the Jakarta Globe, Schaefer, 21, along with his girlfriend Heather von Wiese Mack, 19, are accused of beating Sheila von Wiese Mack to death on August 12 and stuffing her body in a suitcase.

A source told, that Tommy Schaefer is “no monster, he is a messed up kid.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Hotel Surveillance Video Showed Schaefer Arguing With Sheila von Wiese Mack

Tommy Schaffer Facebook

Tommy Schaffer being taken into police custody in Indonesia. (Getty)

Heather von Wiese Mack and her mother had been on vacation at the St. Regis resort in Bali for several days before they were joined by Schaefer on August 11. That night, surveillance video from the hotel shows Schaefer and Sheila von Wiese Mack arguing in a hallway. Schaefer had checked into a different room.

Tommy Schaffer Suspect


The following day, Schaefer and Heather von Wiese Mack checked out of the hotel. They loaded their suitcases into a cab and told the driver to wait. Resort staff had asked Schaefer and girlfriend to remain in the lobby while they located Sheila von Wiese. The couple instead sneaked out of the hotel through the beach entrance. They were arrested on the morning of August 13 while they slept at a hotel a few miles away. Both are now in custody with police attempting to uncover whether this was premeditated murder or a spontaneous act.

Lois Mack Arrested Indonesia

Heather von Wiese Mack. (Getty)

2. Schaefer Just ‘Lost the Love of His Life’

Tommy Exx Facebook

This Facebook profile pic was uploaded on April 12. (Facebook)

On his Facebook page, Schaefer’s profile photo shows him with a girl who is not Heather von Wiese Mack. Earlier posts indicate that the girl died.

A source told that the girl is named Rachel Smylie and that she was killed in car accident in Cape Town, South Africa in April 2014. She was a volunteer at an Aids clinic in Ann Arbor and was in Africa furthering her education in Aids treatment. The same source said that Rachel was “a lovely, bright girl from a highly respected and affluent family in Oak Park.”

3. He Said He Might Never Return From Bali

Tommy Schaefer Murder


On July 4, Schaefer posted on Facebook that he was leaving for Indonesia on August 4, cryptically adding that he might never come back. Then, on August 10, he posted on his page that his next destination was China. His last post on social media was a tribute to actor Robin Williams on August 12.

4. Schaefer Was Arrested at a Chicago Hotel in July 2014

CBS Chicago reports that in July 2014, Schaefer was arrested along with his girlfriend at the Conrad Hotel in Chicago. The pair were apparently causing a disturbance. He was charged with disorderly conduct and breach of the peace. His girlfriend wasn’t charged. In 2012, he had a simple assault conviction and was sentenced to court supervision. He also has busts for drug and alcohol related offenses, but no charges.

A source told that the hotel had been paid for with Sheila von Wiese Mack’s credit card.

5. Schaefer Says He Is a Songwriter

Tommy Exx Schaefer

Schaefer went by the stage name, Tommy Exx. (Facebook)

According to his Facebook page, Schaefer is a songwriter who attended the Columbia College’s Music Business program. A source told that Schaefer completed one semester in Columbia but dropped out to focus on music.

He lists his hometown as Livorno, Italy, but lives in Chicago. His relationship status on his page says that he is single.


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Like many people from OP, we can attest to the fact that the young woman in this photo died tragically earlier this year in an accident, while studying abroad. It would not be fair to raise doubts in the minds of the general public about the circumstances of her passing. Also, I would hate to have things dredged up again, for her family. They have been through enough these past few months.


The girl in his Facebook photo died in a car accident while she was studying abroad. He loved her dearly and that’s why she’s in the photo. She was his first love.
“that girl apparently died” may lead people to speculate that he killed her.
I don’t know if he’s guilty of the crime in Bali, but I really don’t think he’s capable of doing something like this. I used to know him very well and I really can’t believe that he could be capable of this. I’ve always known him as a sweet, caring, kind, respectful, and polite person.


Would I stay anonymous? What I wrote is true, I just don’t want my name to be out there. I can provide more information in the email.


Paul, you need to delete the photo in fact #2. I have a feeling the girls in that photograph would be very upset to learn that they are visibly associated with an alleged murderer–regardless of whether he is actually guilty. While I am willing to reserve judgment for an actual judge, I do not think it is right to use photos containing other people, especially people who have not associated with him in years.


Please take down the photo of his former girlfriend and remove her name from this post. Her family has been through enough and had nothing to do with this incident. I urge you to respect the family and friends who are still mourning the loss of a dear friend and wonderful person. By posting her photo and information you are setting up a situation in which individuals are causing further pain and anguish to her grieving family. Please be respectful and do what is right.

Kill the Feral Apes

Well how you feeling now that all the evidence has come out?! You still think of this ape POS as sweet, caring, kind, respectful and polite after he and his cousin were trading texts on how to MURDER AN INNOCENT WOMAN?! Or is it ok because Sheila was just a rich old White woman so her life didn’t count! Tommy Schaefer, Heather Mack, his cousin Robert Justin Bibbs, and everyone else involved (more WILL be found and charged!!!) are all feral apes who deserve to be viciously beaten to death! They all deserve to suffer the exact same way they made Sheila suffer! They need to know every single ounce of terror and pain that Sheila felt, while knowing they are about to DIE! And if you still feel like Tommy is such a innocent sweetie pie then you can go to Hell with them.

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