Hedy Epstein: Pictures of Holocaust Survivor Arrested in Ferguson Protest



Hosni Habif

It’s too bad that Hedy Epstein doesn’t know what she’s doing. Her mental state makes her desire attention. However, Maybe if she was sent to Iraq, ISIS could show her solid evidense of what it’s like to behead innocent people or shoot 1500 innocent people. Unfortunatly it wouldn’t do her any good because she would be killed also. Obiviously she is not cooking on all the burners.

Terry F.

I am sorry you need to make such snap judgements of someone you have never met. I have, my mother is a friend and fellow Holocaust survivor, and Hedy is very intelligent, wise and clear-headed. She fights for justice wherever she sees injustice, and that means even as a jew who lost everything because of her ethnicity she won’t not speak out when she sees injustices in Israel as well as elsewhere. She would not go to ISIS or Iraq, and she has never tried for nor desired attention in any way (simply gets it because of her age and that she is a Holocaust survivor) but works tirelessly for peace around the globe, among all peoples and religions, and puts her life out there for what she believes in rather than simply sitting in your living room typing out criticisms of those acting and trying to help others while doing little else yourselves. Travel the world extensively, talk to people on the street, get the real news (not just what biased newspapers feed you), feed and help relieve others sufferiing, then perhaps your voices will count for more.


She does not deserve publicity as she supports the Palestinians and criticizes Israel. The fact that she is a holocaust survivor should not be a reason for giving her the publicity she seeks. The police officer deserves his day in court and should not be judged until all the evidence is available. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg, son of holocaust survivors of Auschwitz and Buchenwald

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