Jordan Manufacturing Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A man killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend in the parking lot of Jordan’s furniture in Monticello, reports WLFI. The murder/suicide attack happened just before noon on August 5.

Here’s what we know so far about this developing story:

1. The Scorned Husband Was Going to Bring His Wife a Present

Jordan Manufacturing Shooting in Monticello Indiana

Jordan Manufacturing is shown here at 1200 S 6th Street in Monticello, Indiana. (Google Street View)

The gunman is reported to have walked into Jordan’s and asked for her wife. He was carrying a present for her. When he was told she was out for lunch, he went to wait outside. While he was waiting, a worker at Jordan’s, named Maria, told WLFI, that she saw him hiding behind some trees. When she saw his ex-wife pull up with her boyfriend, Maria says she went to warn here. The gunman though, sadly got the jump on her, and opened fire on the two people in the car. The identities of the shooter or the victims is not known.

2. The Woman Met Her Boyfriend While Working at Jordan’s

WLFI further reports that the deceased woman and her boyfriend met each while working side-by-side at Jordan’s. The gunman was not an employee of Jordan’s.

3. Jordan Manufacturing Will Be Open For Business Tomorrow

The company have already tweeted that they will be open for business tomorrow with counseling laid on for employees who need it.

4. Police Recovered a ‘Box’ From the Scene

WISH-TV reports that police recovered a box and a handgun at the scene.

5. Monticello Is North of Indianapolis

Monticello is located about 90 miles north of Indianapolis.

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