James Brady Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

How did James Brady die?


James Brady, Ronald Reagan’s press secretary, who was also wounded by John Hinckley has died at the age of 73, reports NBC News. Brady was one of America’s most prominent gun control advocates, to further his efforts to change gun culture, he founded the Brady Campaign.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. His Family Said He ‘Made the World a Better Place’

James Brady Ronald Reagan

Brady pictured with Reagan in 1980. (Getty)

His family released a statement celebrating Brady’s achievements and life:

Jim touched the lives of so many and has been a wonderful husband, father, friend and role model. We are enormously proud of Jim’s remarkable accomplishments – before he was shot on the fateful day in 1981 while serving at the side of President Ronald Reagan and in the days, months and years that followed. Jim Brady’s zest for life was apparent to all who knew him, and despite his injuries and the pain he endured every day, he used his humor, wit and charm to bring smiles to others and make the world a better place.

2. He Had Been in a Wheelchair Since 1981

James Brady Bill Clinton

Brady pictured with President Clinton in 2000. (Getty)

Since 1981, Brady had been in a wheelchair following the Ronald Reagan assassination attempt. Through this he became a leading advocate for gun control. In 1993, President Clinton signed the Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act into law. During Hinckley’s attack, Brady was shot in the head.

3. His Wife Is Also a Gun-Control Activist

Sarah Brady Bill Clinton

Sarah Brady receiving an award from President Clinton in 2000. (Getty)

Brady is survived by his wife Sarah, who is also a prominent gun control activist.

4. Beau Bridges Played Him in a Movie

Beau Bridges James Brady


He was played on screen by Jeff Bridges’ brother, Beau, in the movie Without Warning: The James Brady Story.

5. His Legacy Will Live on Forever in the White House

James Brady Press Briefing Room


The Press Briefing Room in the White House is named after him. The name was given to the room in 2000.

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