Jim Kelly Cancer-Free: Hall of Fame QB on the Mend



Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, whose courageous battle against sinus cancer has inspired fans throughout the country, got an uplifting piece of good news Wednesday.

Kelly, who led the Buffalo Bills to four straight Super Bowls in the early 1990s, underwent treatment for sinus cancer at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. The QB underwent a round of tests Tuesday, and the results came back Wednesday: There are no signs of cancer.

The hospital delivered the good news in a statement, which the Bills published on their website:

Jim Kelly was evaluated yesterday at the New York Head & Neck Institute at Lenox Hospital in Manhattan, three months after having completed the radiation and chemotherapy protocol designed to treat his recurrent sinus cancer. Dr. Peter Constantino, Executive Director of the Institute, stated that, “The treatments so far have completely eliminated Mr. Kelly’s pain, and his level of function has essentially returned to normal. Further, on physical examination, there is no evidence of cancer.

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