Matthew Durham Text Messages: Says His Demon Is Named Luke

These are the shocking new text messages released to the media regarding the case of Matthew Durham. Durham, 19, is the Christian aid worker accused of sexual assaulting the orphans, including at least one who was HIV positive, he was looking after in Kenya.

In the new messages, Durham tells a friend that there is a demon inside him named “Luke” who made him do awful things.

Durham, of Oklahoma, has been indicted in Oklahoma and also faces attempts to extradite him back to Kenya. The Associated Press reports that Durham has been released on bond but must stay under house arrest.

Read more about Durham’s disturbing case here:


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He is really trying to hone in on that crazy defense I see. He better not get away with this. Disgusting. No telling how long he has been doing this.


A Demon? Really? And concerned about a bad Summer? Something is terribly amiss.
Dangerous person who needs to remain separate from society. VooDoo is a defense?
Those poor, innocent children.

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