Melanie Weeden, Brandon’s Wife: 5 Facts You Need to Know

Brandon Weeden, Melanie Weeden


There aren’t many women who have experienced professional sports the way Melanie Weeden has.

Weeden married Cowboys quarterback Brandon Weeden in 2007 when he was a minor league baseball player. She stuck with him when he abandoned his baseball career and decided to play college football at Oklahoma State. And now she’s a pro sports wife again — only it’s a different sport, at a higher level.

Here’s what you need to know about the better half of the guy who’s starting Dallas’ preseason opener Thursday night:

1. She Thought Brandon Had ‘Lost His Mind’ When He Decided to Play Football

Brandon and Melanie Weeden

Brandon Weeden hugs Melanie after Oklahoma State blew out rival Oklahoma in 2011. (Getty)

By the spring of 2007, it was clear Brandon’s once-promising baseball career was over. Brandon, a pitcher, had never made it past Single A and was battling tendonitis.

But Melanie was shocked when Brandon told her he was going to pursue

“I didn’t think he was being serious,” Melanie told the Arizona Republic in 2011. “He’s been home less than a week, not time to even digest baseball was over. I thought he’d lost his mind. I guess I need to learn to trust him.”

2. She Grew Up in Moore, Oklahoma, Which Was Devastated by a Tornado in 2013

Melanie grew up in the small town of Moore, Oklahoma and graduated from Moore High School in 2002, according to the couple’s engagement announcement in the Edmond Sun.

When a tornado devastated Moore in May of 2013, Melanie fly back from Cleveland (where Brandon was playing at the time) to help recovery efforts, which she tweeted about extensively.

3. She Met Brandon When She Was a Freshman at Central Oklahoma & He Was a Minor League Pitcher

Brandon Weeden Baseball Dodgers

Brandon Weeden as a Los Angeles Dodgers farmhand. (Getty)

According to a 2010 column by The Oklahoman’s Jenni Carlson, Brandon and Melanie met when she was a freshman at the University of Central Oklahoma and he was a minor league pitcher.

The Weedens told Carlson that they broke up two months after they started dating and didn’t start seeing each other exclusively until four years after they met.

Melanie told Carlson that she doesn’t like football players, meaning it’s a good thing Brandon was playing baseball at the time they met.

“She tricked me,” Melanie told the columnist. “He threw me for a loop.”

4. She Married Brandon in Mexico in 2009

Melanie married Brandon on July 27, 2009 in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

At the time, Brandon was a 26-year-old backup quarterback at Oklahoma State. His football career was a small enough deal at the time that the couple’s engagement announcement merely reported that Brandon was “attending” Oklahoma State.

He did a whole lot more than attend the school, though, a year later, when he threw for more than 4,000 yards and led the Cowboys to the Alamo Bowl.

A year after that, he emerged as one of the best quarterbacks in the country and led OSU to a bid in the Fiesta Bowl against Stanford. That’s when college football fans across the country got their first glimpse at Melanie.

5. She Got Some Air Time During the Fiesta Bowl


Brandon’s biggest appearance in the national spotlight came during the Fiesta Bowl, and a national TV audience got an introduction to Melanie when cameras flashed to her after Brandon led the Cowboys on a touchdown drive.

Watch the video above.