Michael Brown Autopsy: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

michael brown autopsy, michael brown shot six times

A private autopsy of the unarmed black teen who was shot dead by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, has revealed shocking new details that are further fueling the protests that continue in the wake of the killing.

Here’s what you need to know about Michael Brown‘s autopsy.

1. He Was Shot at Least 6 Times, Twice in the Head

michael brown autopsy, michael brown shot six times

The autopsy shows Brown was shot at least six times, with two of those bullets striking him in the head. Below, watch a press conference discussing the autopsy results.

2. All of the Bullet Wounds Are to the Front of the Body

michael brown autopsy, dr michael baden

All six bullet wounds struck the front of Brown’s body, perhaps indicating he was facing the officer when killed.

However, the evidence is inconclusive.

Four of the bullets struck Brown’s right arm and hand, and with the various positions the arm can assume, there are scenarios in which he could have been facing away.

It appears the shots were not fired at close range, based on the lack of gunshot residue on the victim’s body. However, the doctors performing the private autopsy did not have access to Brown’s clothing.

3. The Autopsy Was Conducted by Famed Forensic Pathologist Michael Baden

dr michael baden, michael brown autopsy

Physician and forensic pathologist Michael Baden testifies during the murder trial of music producer Phil Spector on August 13, 2007, in Los Angeles. (Getty)

At the request of Michael Brown’s family, former New York City chief medical examiner and famed forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden traveled to Missouri and performed the private autopsy on Sunday. Local authorities had said the full official autopsy results could take weeks, and the family did not have faith that those results would be reliable.

Meanwhile, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has called for a federal autopsy, citing “extraordinary circumstances involved in this case,” so there will be a total of three autopsies.

michael brown autopsy, michael baden, benjamin crump

Dr. Michael Baden points to an autopsy diagram during today’s press conference as family attorneys Benjamin Crump (left) and Daryl Parks look on. (Getty)

Baden has reportedly performed more than 20,000 autopsies in his career, and he reviewed the autopsies of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.

Baden has testified as an expert witness in high-profile murder trials and gained further fame as host of HBO’s Autopsy. Watch him in that role below.

4. The Final, Fatal Shot Was a Bullet to the Top of the Head

michael brown autopsy

Baden told the New York Times that one shot entered the top of Brown’s skull, indicating the teen’s neck was bent forward, and “it was likely the last of [the] bullets to hit him.” It was also likely the bullet that killed him. Baden, speaking at a press conference, said all of the other gunshot wounds were “survivable.”

michael brown autopsy

Shawn Parcells, a forensic pathologist who assisted in the autopsy of Michael Brown, points to the spot a bullet hit the teenager during a press conference today in Ferguson, Missouri. (Getty)

According to a press conference held by the family, that bullet entered the top of Brown’s head and exited out the eye area, then passed through the jaw and again re-entered the body.

The family’s lawyers are using this information to support witness accounts that Brown was attempting to surrender. The path of the bullet suggests that Brown was either bending or falling when the fatal shot entered his brain.

benjamin crump, michael brown autopsy

Benjamin Crump, attorney for Michael Brown’s family, raises his hands during a press conference revealing the results of a private autopsy. (Getty)

5. A New Video Has Emerged of the Death Scene

Meanwhile, adding to the outrage and unrest, a new video filmed by Ferguson resident Piaget Crenshaw shows Michael Brown’s death scene immediately following his shooting.

Piaget told CNN’s Michaela Pereira in the interview above that she purposely waited to release the video until after the police officer who shot Brown had been officially identified.

After several days of withholding his name, authorities on Friday finally revealed that Ferguson force veteran Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown.




If a 6’3 290lbs robbery suspect is running at an officer with violent intent don’t be surprised when the officer defends himself with lethal force. End of story


He was running away from the officer and turned around with his hands up. Secondly he was not a robbery suspect at that time. Even if he did steal a box of cigars, he did not harm anyone and he certainly did not deserve this fate. I am a 66 year old white woman and certainly do not believe that a teenage young man deserved this death. Certainly not “end of story”.


Thats the story browns criminal thug boyfriend gave which so far has direcrly contradicted forensic evidence


Running from an officer is illegal you know, not the actions of an innocent man either.


An according to white people the penalty for a misdemeanor is death? I wasn’t aware America worked that way.


No but fracturing the Officer’s orbital bones around his eye is illegal. I


There is a video of a witness stating that Brown kept charging at the police. This is a video right after the shooting from a witness in the apartment complex at the shooting.


So the shots to the head were from be hind how exactly did he charge at him? Backwards? Guilty!


The same way suspects being handcuffed and searched various times but shoot themselves in the back of their heads in the thug car…..and the other day..a suspect was brought into jail..searched/stripsearched…into a cell and he managed to shoot himself with gun the thugs say wasn’t any of their guns…((Not that any of us think a thug might have had a gun that wasn’t registered or picked up from the street..!!!*sarcasme*..

Grandpa of 67

Autopsy done by doctor, the family picked, says fatal shot went in top of head, out right eye, thru jaw into body. Autopsy show 6 holes, 4 are accounted for with the fatal head shot,. If he was charging the officer, not running away, that would explain the head wounds.
Brown is not the innocent, gentle giant, the hood and the press make him out to be, just like a black kid is always is said to be, “salt of the earth, never hurt a fly, had a great future, etc,etc,” when killed by a officer.


If he can’t shoot well enough to wound without killing maybe he should come to work in your neighborhood.


An officer’s training is to shoot at center of mass, not to wound. Now giving the diagram showing the bullet wounds are not in the chest it seems odd at first glance. However, take into consideration fear (or rage) depending on what you think happened and all that adrenaline. Unless you shoot at the range everyday (almost impossible if you want to perform your job and have a life), your aim won’t be as precise; not to mention a moving target (whether away or towards, doesn’t matter). Even if he was trying to shoot to wound, these same factors would make the aim even more horrible and would have resulted in fewer hits. This isn’t to say innocent or guilty of what people are yelling for. This is about your belief that he can’t shoot well, and not considering the difficulty involved in shooting at a moving, living being and what training may have dictated when the officer acted.

Stephen Pointer

You CLEARLY know nothing whatsoever about firearms or how they are used. You never, EVER shoot to wound. If you have to shoot someone, you shoot to kill.


Wouldn’t you shoot to kill if your life was endangered…oh wait…I’ll just shoot this 6’4 man in his leg because he will of course realize his mistake and everything will be okay. My husband is a cop in one of the worst crime areas in Northern Virginia, he has worked this area for twelve years and he is a GOOD cop like the MAJORITY of cops are but if his life is in danger from the various gangs (MS13 is huge in this area) then by all means shoot to kill.


The video showing Mike committing a strong armed robbery right before his confrontation with Wilson shows the state of mind this 6’3″ 290 behemoth was in.If you have someone that big attacking you,as Wilson did, it might take more than one shot before he stops.There are absolutely no credible witnesses that saw this.Their first and main witness was with Mike during the strong armed robbery.Most of the others claimed Mike was shot in the back.His wounds are conclusive of someone that was moving forward toward Wilson.


If none of the bullets where at close range how do you justify shooting someone. Sure if he is withing reach or close enough to do you harm, then I could understand your point. Also, 6 times? Not from close range? I don’t buy it for a second. If what you believe is true I still think that man should not be allowed near a badge or a gun.


The cop had no knowledge of the Petty Theft. Also he yelled at the two boys to get on the fckn sidewalk! In a rage and when his power hungry authoritative command was not meet he slammed on his brake threw the gear stick in reverse in hot pursuit! Flung his door open hit them with the door and used his vehicle as a booster to grab Michael neck. Michael pulls away and he gets even more furious that he can’t over power him. Then he yells “I’m gonna kill you”! And he lets off shots, Michael runs fearing for his life and throws his hands up for the cop not to shoot. The cop the hovers over Michael tiresome body from BEHIND and kills him like a rabid dog in the street. He also NEVER calls in the shooting to dispatch who learned of the shooting from the NEWS MEDIA so the reports that have been circulated are FAKES! But hey this is America home of the racist murderous pale skinned Caucasoid who have done nothing but terrorize the world, rape, pillage and murder every resource and dark skinned person on this planet so….. Don’t worry he’ll get off….. -_-


That seems to be the testimony from a fellow strong armed robber. The gun shots were all in the anterior of the body, the “boy” was facing the officer. The clothing will reveal gun residue proving he was close, proving the officers story. But I am sure, just like the Trayvon case, an acquittal in court will still not convince some people….


Good I hope so. I plan on donating to the Officers Defense fund, maybe these animals should learn how to behave, stop looting your own stores a**holes, stop murdering fellow blacks when you are supposed to be picketing in “honor of Mike Brown”. It just gave these hood rats an excuse to cause destruction. Hey….did I loot my own neighborhood when OJ got off for murdering a white woman… NO…because I’m not an animal who destroys my own neighborhood….Duma**


Then please go back from wherever you originally came from so you don’t have to live with us murdering pale skinned Caucasoid, I’ll even send you a plane ticket.


Then once the officer was done riddling the body with his AK47, he called in a drone strike, firing 4 tomahawk missiles that completely destroyed the body. Now that the evidence was gone, the officer called his ISIS pals to decapitate any witnesses. So now no one knows where this poor, innocent young man is. He disappeared after he reluctantly forced a store owner to accept his charitable donation of a box of cigars. And that’s the truth.


First, the behemoth (as you so lovingly called him) wasn’t armed. Second, one had nothing to do with the other according to every available CREDABLE news source. Third, this “law enforcement officer” is so chickens**t he can’t kneecap a suspect without killing him he’s got no more business in law enforcement than your parents had in having you. Bigoted individuals like you are justification for retroactive abortion


Then why don’t you join the police department so you can make it all better.

Randy Taggart

It is against the law for an officer to “Knee cap” an individual. If an officer has to shoot is to kill. If in the attempt to kill the suspect surrenders or is incapacitated the officer should stop shooting. But to think that in the heat of battle you can simply aim at someones knee you obviously have no idea of what you are talking about. I would bet every shot that hit brown was intended for center mass as that is the highest score on a training silhouette. If this were a race shooting why didn’t the officer shoot the only real witness? think about that.


Are you kidding me? “Kneecaping” what is this the Walking Dead, no bud, shooting someone in the knee while they are rushing at you is no easy task. Have you ever heard of -adrenaline? Have you ever felt it? It overcomes your body, your hands shake, your knees almost buckle, you feel sick to the stomach but strong at the same time. This is what happens to you when someone, especially of that size bum rushes you. You’re scared for your life, you’re shakey and almost pissing your pants. And you have the nearve to say, “oh just pop off one shot, hit him in the knee cap, safely nuetralize the suspect.”, no thats cop shows and zombie movies honey, not real life, shooting a gun for your first time at another living human being who wants to cause you severe harm. Trust me.


What if this was your family member? The officer might not answer to man, he will answer God. God knows his motives.

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