Delila & Fannie Miller: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Two Amish girls were abducted in Upstate New York on the evening of August 13, reports Time Warner Cable News.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. They Were Working at Their Parents’ Vegetable Stand When They Vanished

The two girls are Delilah Miller, 7, and Fannie Miller, 12. Both were at their parents’ roadside vegatable stand in Oswegatchie, New York, in St. Lawrence County. Around the time the girl’s went missing, a witness saw somebody putting something in his car’s passenger seat and speed away. The New York State Police said in a statement that the car is a white 4-door sedan.

2. The Girl’s Were Wearing the Same Clothes

Delila is described as being 4 feet tall with brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a dark blue dress with a blue apron and black bonnet. The seven-year-old has a scar on her forehead and his missing some front teeth. The older girl, Fannie, is 5 feet, with brown hair and eyes. She is cross eyed and was wearing the same clothes as her sister when she vanished. reports that police in the area are searching waterways and roadsides in the region. According to NBC News, 50 officers are involved for the search for the girls.

3. There Are No Photos of the Sisters

Fannie Miller Missing, Delila Miller Missing

Because the girls are Amish there are no pictures of them but St. Lawrence County sheriff’s deputies are working to get artists rendering of the missing girls.

4. They Might Have Been Taken to Canada

Where is Oswegatchie

Oswegatchie, New York, is located just under 200 miles north of Albany. (Google Maps)

The Amber Alert for the sisters has been extended to Canada. The stand from which the girls vanished, is not far from the Canadian border. CBC reports that the Ontario Provincial Police and the Ottawa police have been included in the Amber Alert.

5. They Lived in One of the Largest Amish Communities in New York

Oswegatchie is home to the second largest Amish community in New York. According to City Data, the town as a population of just over 4,000.

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