Noah Rubin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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An 18-year-old American, Noah Rubin, is playing his first Grand Slam match on August 26th at 1 p.m. at the 2014 U.S. Open.

The New York Times put it best when they said, “Rubin is one of a class of prospects being cultivated in the hope of someday putting the U.S. back on top.”

1. He Started the Hashtag #NOAHSARK

The young player will play unseeded Frederico Delbonis of Argentina today.
According to ESPN, Rubin is “the reigning Wimbledon junior boys’ singles champion and USTA boys’ national champion in singles and doubles.”

On August 18, he tweeted his sentiments of the moment:

2. He’s From Long Island

The native New Yorker hails from Rockville Centre, a suburb on Long Island.

His father, Eric, stressed to the Times that his son lives a normal life, saying, “He’s with me in Rockville Centre. He still hits with my dad, who’s 80. He hits with me. We have dinner. That alone makes it more normal.”

Since he is a local, his friends and family will surely be in Flushing, Queens, to cheer Rubin on during his Open matches.

In fact, he told ESPN, “I still have to get tickets for my third-grade teacher.”

3. His Dad is His Coach

His parents, Eric and Melanie, who are now divorced, started their son in tennis when he was still in diapers.

Eric, who serves as his son’s co coach, told Newsday:

I’ve always thought that Noah’s biggest weapon was between his ears. This summer has shown everybody what I’ve been saying for years, that this kid has incredible talent, unbelievable heart and incredible smarts. People would say he was good. I would say, no, no, he’s great . . . I would say, wait, wait. And this summer has been incredible.

4. He’s Going to Wake Forest on a Tennis Scholarship

After the Open, he is off to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to attend college.

He told Newsday about the choice to pursue his education

As far as going to college, that decision was made only recently. The opportunity to play for a fabulous university, a wonderful coach, get physical training, a chance to grow both as a tennis player and a person. I am thrilled he is going to go to school here.

5. McEnroe Is His Mentor

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The teen attended the John McEnroe Tennis Academy, fostering his relationship with the 55-year-old tennis star.

John McEnroe told Newsday, “”The physicality of the game and the requirements of the game are greater than ever before,” McEnroe said Thursday night at his tennis benefit on Randalls Island, where Rubin played world No. 1 Novak Djokovic in an exhibition set. “To make that breakthrough, my recommendation — and I believe he’s taking it despite the fact he won at Kalamazoo and the junior Wimbledon — is to go to college.”

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