Sgt. Paula Walker: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sgt. 1st Class Paula M. Walker has been named as the soldier who committed suicide inside the Fort Lee military installation on August 25, according to the Associated Press.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. Walker Fought in Iraq for 15 Months

Paula Walker Iraq

Paula Walker fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom. (Getty)

She worked as a human resources specialist at the base. At the time of the shooting, she was described as “disgruntled.” According to CBS 6, Walker had a 15-month combat tour in Iraq from 2007-08. Fort Lee spokesman Stephen Baker told the station:

Walker’s hometown of record is Yonkers, N.Y. She served on active duty for nearly 14 years after enlisting in September 2000. Prior to Fort Lee, Walker served at Fort Devens, Mass., starting in 2010 and Fort Eustis starting in 2006, among other installations.

Her career included a 15-month combat tour in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2007-2008. Her awards and decorations included three Army Commendation Medals, four Army Achievement Medals, one Joint Meritorious Unit Award and four Army Good Conduct Medals.

2. She Spoke About the 2009 Fort Hood Massacre

In 2009, Walker was asked about her thoughts on Nidal Hasan’s 2009 Fort Hood massacre:

People are people. They go through things in life. They either handle stresses in a good way or in a bad way.

Walker was a native of Yonkers, New York. She was stationed in Fort Lee since December 2011. The gun that Walker used to kill herself was not a service weapon.

3. Walker Was Honored by the Base in 2012

In December 2012, Walker was honored for her organizational skills at the base, according to the Fort Lee Traveler.

4. Fellow Soldiers Tried to Reason With Her

Fort Lee Woman Shooter

(Google Street View)

According to reports, Walker was seen with the weapon, soldiers attempted to reason with her. After a short conversation, Walker turned the gun on herself. She had barricaded herself in an office prior to the shooting.

5. The Base Was in the Process of Celebrating Women in the Military

The shooting happened just a day before the base had been due to celebrate “Women’s Equality Day.” The base honors the women of the armed services.


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Sharleen M



I just want to highlight the dirty in this tragedy. Mostly because the first thing that a lot of soldiers were told in a mandatory same say meeting was about keeping quiet to the media and not speculating or spreading rumors on Facebook. I totally get rumor control. I totally DO but this was the only thing stressed, NOT look after your battle buddy nor a suicide prevention course. That is what is really sad here , that big army cares more about image than actual soldiers lives. I say this also because the focus to me seems to be covering up the dirty that underlies this travesty. This SFC’s affair with Regimental CSM Gray. I say this not to blacken her image in death but to highlight the blatant abuse of power (even if the affair was consensual) I believe he was escorted home after she first tried to go to his office before being stopped by his secretary and then the events that transpired resulting in a sad suicide. Was he not? He is slated to PCS and I guess he was just trying to tidy up a few skeletons in his closet before he left Fort Lee. I cannot imagine the despair she felt that day that lead her to think she would no longer be needed as a mother and that suicide was her only way , but I cannot stay silent while a senior noncommissioned officer goes unaccountable for his part. Let’s hope the facts of this unfortunate incident come to light.

My prayer is that no rock be left unturned concerning this tragedy. I am disheartened as well as others because the first public announcement along with all news outlets were made to believe that this was PTSD due to deployment when there were other underlying things happening that no one has mentioned and probably will never be mentioned. It is unfortunate but my prayers go out to her family and especially her daughter…


I’m glad someone spoke out. I have felt the same way. This has affected me like nothing else. I pray for her soul & comfort to her family.


How the fuck do any of you know what really happened ? You should be ashamed implicate this man when you have no clue. Your comments are probably based more on jealousy or the desire to start drama rather then actual facts. You are a fucking loser


Right on bro. I mean while this is clearly a tragedy that resulted in the loss of someone’s life let’s not forget that this was a SELF inflicted gun shot wound. While none of us will ever know what happened we cannot ignore that someone who points a gun at themselves and pulls the trigger has mental issues. So instead of us pointing to a man let’s not forget that this person was an adult with a child that depended on her, loved and needed her yet she choose to kill herself. There is no man, woman, person or situation that can cause a sane reasonable adult with a child to decide they need to kill themselves ever. End of relationship, bad relationship or whatever spin people want to put on it we can not ever forget she choose to do this and that act alone demonstrates that she had a lot more going on than what we think we know. Bottom line stop pulling CSM Gray into this, it is weak and petty. Grow up. I don’t know him or her but I am an army officer with 25 years in and I cannot stand to see innocent people being blamed when other people make poor choices. Grow up get a life and deal with your issues as an adult . Rangers Lead the Way!


No one said he forced her to kill herself. But if he had an “inappropriate” relationship with an NCO, it is not right. Anything that has to be done in secret or kept hush or any situation where people feel they cannot tell the truth about what happened is wrong and the reason why we have ethical & moral issues in the military today. If you are an officer, your duty is also to get to the truth just as his should have been to be professional enough to care about subordinates rather than play with them… The very reason why we have additional training on such issues today.


Who said there was a relationship? Inappropriate or otherwise? Has that been proven to be a fact? Please don’t tell me about my role and then suggest something that has not been established. What has been established is that this woman took a firearm into a gov building and killed herself . That did happen. She shattered her daughter’s life and put many other people in danger. Those are facts. Now which part of what we know and what you think would like you like to call inappropriate? Your assumptions and audacity to post them here is what is really inappropriate bud.


First of all team, this is a tragedy. It is very sad that this wonderful young lady chose to take her life. But remember, there is a reason behind everything. If it was involving a man, men should learn that it is NOT okay to play around with people’s feelings and emotions. I take it that this CSM she was supposedly having an affair with had to be close to 50 years old due to the amount of time he served in the military. It is NOT alright to play games with people’s feelings be it male or female. Emotions can lead to these types of triangles, deceit, and lies. Running Women and/or Running Men speaks a lot about a persons character, morales and values. Hopefully Anonymus, you ARE NOT an officer with 25 years, if so, you have a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, etc. if so, would your comment be the same if they were SFC Walker? Just think about that. Treat people the way you want to be treated stop the lies, playing games, sneaking around and just be a man Or a woman about your life. Stop pulling innocent people into your world of confusion, deceit and lies. People are dying on a daily basis when it comes to this relationship thing. We are human, with feelings….. Juggling men and women while in a relationship is horrible! And what’s so weak and petty about pulling the CSM into this? Is must be a friend of yours or your Mentor….everything and everyone involved needs to be looked at and questioned. If there was ny wrongdoing on the CSMs part, would you change your comment? Blogs should not be put in place to attack individuals, they should be put in place to have good adult conversations about issues that concern us. This suicide concerns me, people do this for reasons, I firmly believe behind every action is a reason. Maybe this tragedy was meant to happen so the real issue(s) can be brought to light. As adults we need to take ownership for our actions. Maybe that CSM made the poor choice dealing with a Soldier he shouldn’t have been dealing with her In the first place. Playing the game……leads to this. So Anonymous, I guess you were a Sinclair supporter…McKinney supporter an OJ supporter..oh yeah 9 times out of ten you probably are a man…I’m quite sure in those College Days you saw how the men were womanizers, had different woman all the time……this behavior still happens in the male adult life with adult men and women, it’s time to grow up….maybe, if involved, that CSM will think next time before giving a woman his number…this was a death, if involved this is going to bother that man for the rest of his life, If he has a heart…but you know, the average womanizer doesn’t have a heart…..she might have been going after him…..a woman scornedblog back if possible

Listen to R. Kelly “When a Women’s Fed Up” or the Intruders “it’s A Thinline Between Love and Hate” those songs tell the true story of love, lies, dishonesty and deceit.

Ranger Wright

Dear Concerned,

I am concerned that you would think it is ok to say some of the things you said here. You should be concerned that your spelling, grammar and logic skills are elementary at best. That aside I will respond to your post for entertainment purposes only. I have made my point, I have described the FACTS and you along with the other poor grammar souls have done nothing but introduce rumors, doubt and drama based on absolutely no facts. Unlike your post, I will group my thoughts as I address them as to make sure they are not random and disorganized like yours.
1. For some reason you have chosen to post your thoughts about me which is not what we are talking about and exactly why we are here now. Focus on what we know and do not embarrass yourself with speculation. Since you commented, I will respond. Hell yes I am an Officer and one who is tired of BS like this every day. Thank God, I work in a special community that does not have to deal with these types of issues (there are only men in my professional community). I do have a wife and grown children one of which is a woman. So you ask if this happened to me would my comments be the same, I tell you I wouldn’t have anything to say and If asked I would acknowledge the truth and offer that my daughter clearly had issues I was not aware of.
Your next suggestion was that I must know CSM Gray. I have no idea who he is and after a quick Google search, it became clear why I do not know him. Based on his MOS and BIO, he and I would have never nor will we ever cross paths. In short, he is considered a leaf eater, we are meat eaters and we do not mix unless we need fuel, pens, or chow. His status does not change my support. He does not deserve for anyone to make baseless suggestions. No one here has commented with any factual statements. Each post that suggested something inappropriate was based on rumors and it is a damn shame.
In your next suggestion you attempt to label me further by saying that I was a supporter of known and accused sexual deviant and murderer. The only one of that group I supported was McKinney. McKinney’s accuser was a crab in the barrel. She waited until he became SMA to lodge a complaint, which was almost ten years after the alleged incident. She was full of shit and has no credibility. Sinclair abused his power and sexually assaulted subordinates, not cool. OJ, in my opinion, was somehow connected to those murders, so no, you are wrong I did not support all those men.
In your final assumption about me, you attempt to tell me that the womanizing I saw in college goes on in the adult world also. Roger that, no shit. Why even mention that? Again, you are suggesting things that are not facts and doing so just starts drama, knock it off.

2. Since most of your post was directed towards me and not what really happened Ill now address the rest of what you said. This will not take long because you did not say much else and what you did say was also bullshit.
You suggested that SFC Walker was involved in a relationship and that the man in the relationship was sneaking, lying, and being deceitful. You do not know any of that so please grow up and stop the madness.
You also suggest that if what you said were true that SFC Walker is somehow justified in her behavior and that is more bullshit.
So let us dissect what we do know and ask some questions that I am sure no one will answer because everyone feels like this woman is a victim. SFC Walker, a SrNCO, DID take a weapon into a GOV BLD and she DID brandish it in a manner that the entire post was locked down for an active shooter scenario. Was that OK? Is that what we expect from our SrNCOs? Let us look at what the one act alone sets in motion all across the post. Gates are closed, children at schools and day cares are hurried in doors, law enforcement personnel race to the scene and arrive ready to kill. People and parents all across the community and country are scared that their child or their spouse or their Soldier may be killed by this person loose with a gun on the installation. Is that OK with everyone? Really? So if I get my feelings hurt or I get pissed off I get to go put people’s lives in danger? Really? Hell no I do not because I am an adult. Stop justifying what she did under the guise that she was a woman played or scorn, grow the fuck up.
So next thing that DID happen and IS a FACT is that she discharged that weapon oriented on her. Hopefully I don’t need to dissect all the bad shit that could have happened when someone fires a weapon and how people then risked their lives racing her to the hospital. Hopefully you get it but if not let me know and I’ll break that down for you also.

Was this a tragedy? Yes. Was it preventable? Yes. Are her actions justified? No.

You want to do something productive instead of spreading BS rumors? Pray for her daughter who she obviously didn’t care enough about to stick around for. This child will be tormented for life. Children of parents who kill themselves are more likely to also kill themselves as adults. Maybe a mental defect or it could be the example set by their parent that when shit gets tough just quit on yourself and everyone that loves and depends on you.

Anything else you want to know I’m here for you.
Have a nice day

Rangers Lead the Way!

a friend

It is amazing you are only judging your beliefs off of what the news wants you to know, being an Officer and all you should know that there is always more to the story than what is stated. Not making no excuses for anyone but, give it time and the truth will come out that is why they have investigations.


I didnt get shit from the news. Please tell me what part of what I said is incorrect Im listening. Yes there are three sides to every story like this. Her side, his side, and the truth. My point is no one show sat shit about CSM Gray until there is actually something to say. Right now everyone is overlooking what this woman did and making her look like a victim. The victims are her family and the pople in that building when she came in there acting like a nut with a gun. Please. That is what is wrong with our entiltled, eveyone gets a trophy at little league society now. Everyone thinks someone owes them something. Let’s say they did have a relionship, that means she can bring a gun to his job and scare the shit out of eveyone and endanger everyone because her feelings are hurt?


Ranger Wrong, there is no need for the vulgar language which violates the UCMJ article 134 “Indecent Language” policy. Did know that existed….look it up :-) lolol….are you sure you a an officer? None of the Officers I know talk that way accept Police Officers…..Hmmmmm….Oh yeah, by the way, when you BLOG….who came of with the rule of it having to be grammatically correct, with properly punctuation? So go read a Bible and come off your High Horse, no need to explain yourself to me :-) Have a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY RANGER…LOLOLOL :-)


You are still focused on me. Now you have added vulgar language to your list of misdirected concerns. Try focusing on not spreading rumors and starting drama. I guess all of your assumptions, rumors, and lies are ok as long as there is no profanity. I’m sorry if that offended your fragile sensibilities. The world I live and die in is the real world and if you are shaken up by a cuss word stay the hell out of adult business.



We’re you crying when you wrote this post? Sounds like it to us. Concerned, you really ticked the ranger off SMH also LMAO


You are funny… Eloquent and cocky at the same time. Good thing that you look good in ranger panties.

a friend

Guess what boo, she was a great friend of mine and I heard it directly from her it was not speculation but truth. I just never knew it was to this point. Lulu you spoke truth. I know not from anyone else but my dear friend


What was truth? That she was in a realtionship? Lets assume she was for the sake of argument. Does that make what she did ok? You are cool with that? You piss me off I can come to your job with a gun? Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit

Edwina Grant

Continue to speak the truth. As a retire AG Soldier news travel quick and we already knew about what you mention above and more.


TO GOD BE THE GLORY.. I hope someone read this thread. At least someone is telling the truth.



Who was married? If non were married, then what’s the problem or issue “big Army” is covering? Suicide is selfish, POINT, BLANK and PERIOD. You take the issues that you couldn’t handle and pass it on to your next of kin. I agree with the Ranger, unless there’s solid proof… I wouldn’t spread those rumors, it’s his career.


Thanks Bro,

The married part is big so if there was a relatonship and he was not her direct supervisor then the basis that it was inappropriate becomes mute. Bottom line most people are looking to start drama, smear a man, and ignore what she did. It is disgusting that anyone would think what she did is ok and somehow someone elses fault.

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