Personal Assistant Found Robin Williams Hanging by Belt

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The Robin Williams autopsy press conference earlier today revealed a lot of detail about how this beloved comedian spent his final moments.

You can watch the whole thing in the video above, or scroll down for a list of the most important revelations.

Here’s what the press conference revealed:

  • Williams was discovered in his home by his personal assistant
  • Williams had already gone into rigor mortis by the time he was discovered
  • Williams hanged himself using a closet door and a belt
  • Williams’ wife was home at the time, but in another room
  • The preliminary cause of death is “asphyxia by hanging”
  • Williams had cuts on his body, perhaps indicating that he tried to kill himself using a pocketknife before hanging himself
  • Williams was found in a seated position, slightly suspended with his right shoulder against the closet door.
  • Robin Williams had a history of depression
  • Officials say the investigation into the suicide of Robin Williams is ongoing. Toxicology reports on Williams are expected to be complete in several weeks. At that point, the police will issue their final report and officially make a determination about the circumstances surrounding his death. If you want more detail about the scene of Robin Williams’ death, you can read our article on his cause of death here.