Jay Adams Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jay Adams, one of the world’s greatest skateboarders, has died at the age of 53 in Mexico, reports TMZ. The skateboarding legend famously said, “You didn’t quit skateboarding because you got old, you got old because you quit skateboarding.” The tragic news was first delivered via fellow Dogtown legend Stacy Peralta via his Instagram page:

Adams is survived by his devoted wife Tracy.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. He Was With His Family When he Died

Adams was on vacation with his family in Mexico when he suffered a heart attack. Adams’ last post on Instagram came on August 14. According to TMZ, Adams had no history of heart promblems.

Jay Adams Dead


2. Emile Hirsch Played Adams in Lords of Dogtown

Adams was portrayed by Emile Hirsch in the movie Lords of Dogtown.

3. After Years of Battling Addiction, Adams Was Finally Sober

Jay Adams Tony Alva

Jay Adams pictured with fellow Dogtown legend, Tony Alva. (Getty)

He became sober in 2014 after battling drug-addiction for many years.

4. He Had Been Banned From Leaving the County

Jay Adams wife

Adams pictured at the Lords of Dogtown premiere in 2005. (Getty)

Adams was on vacation with his family when he died. He had been forbidden from leaving the country since his earlier drug convictions. A source told Heavy.com that he was now off of federal parole “and had permission to leave the country.”

In 2004, Adams was overheard on a federal wiretap introducing a meth dealer in California to a buyer in Hawaii. After doing time in prison for that offense, Adams said “My good-luck chances with judges are through. I can’t make those mistakes anymore.”

5. ‘The Original Seed’ Will Be Greatly Missed

During his skateboarding career, Adams went by the nickname “The Original Seed.”


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brandon cruz

jay was sober a hell of a lot longer than since this year. i have known him all of my life. please research your facts.


You’re right … This shit is wak…. Jay was doing well a lot longer than just this year I saw him over here on north shore just a few months ago enjoying life and smiling a lot.


Hey I’m not anonymous … I’m hawaii5joe……aloha !!!!!

Mark Funcrime Munski

Thank you Brandon for giving the facts straight.
Waves ov tears from so many he is getting so barreled right now.. He will always be loved and never forgotten.
Mark Munski


That is not true, Jay was off of federal parole and had permission to leave the country. I know the family very well. Please get your facts straight before you post this.

Jay also was very happily married to Tracy and helped a lot of people through the Ministry to stay sober and close to God. He was a wonderful man and will be missed. The community is in total shock and this is a monumental loss. Please hug your loved ones tightly tonight, we are not promised tomorrow.

First Shogo, next Robin, now Jay. Love to all.

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