Susan Schneider & Robin Williams: Pictures You Need to See


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I agree with Susan’s comment. Like many other people on many other sites, there is suspicion that Robin’s third wife was involved in his death. Loving wife? No. Best friend? Hope I don’t have a best friend like her, ever. Broken hearted? Really? She shows her broken heartedness by smiling a lot for the camera while she auctions off Robin’s belongings. Strange indeed. Robin was found in a sitting position. Who pulled the chair out from under him? Why did she not call him from her cell phone while she was shopping? A loving/worried wife would have done so. Rather, she neglected him for over 12 hours, people, and let the assistant find his body. Then she rushed to have him cremated within a day of his death. Who was the man helping her arrange the cremation? Robin died under suspicious circumstances and should not have been cremated, but Susan wanted all evidence destroyed. Who else other than herself is claiming that Robin had Parkinsons? His children would have known. Susan only knew him for several years. What of the people who knew him for decades? Robin would have shared such a diagnosis. He had overcome two divorces and heart surgery. Certainly a dx of Parkinson’s was not the end of the world. Also I read in TMZ that Robin was NOT in financial trouble…they have a document online to prove it. He had an offer of over $600,000 for a gig in Vegas. Why is Susan pushing the lie that he was worried over finances and his health? I believe she is lying. Her motive for murder is obvious: money. She is a nobody and now will have millions. I really hate to see such a disservice done to Robin – he deserved better, a better post mortem for sure. What the heck is wrong with the coroner/sheriff in Marin County? Are they blind? How can they buy the story she is selling? It’s full of holes.


In all their picture he s holding her so close, so loving, they looked very happy.she is beautiful


Oh yeah, they slept in separate bedrooms after being married only 3 years and he killed himself while she was sleeping in the room beside her. Sounds like she meant the world to him. Probably caught her doin the gardener…


you said my thoughts exactly. I have been married 29 years and always am in the same bed with my husband. If he were that depressed I would know, and I wouldn’t have left him alone for a second or had him hospitalized. Everyone is saying they knew how depressed he was , but why didn’t someone do something about it? If a patient is considered a threat to themselves or others you can Baker Act them. That means they go into a psychiatric facility for 72 hours to be evaluated. Where were all these people who loved him and cared for him? His assistant found him? The people close to Robin Williams let him down in the worst way possible.

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