Vian Dakhil: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Vian Dakhil, the only MP in Iraq for the Yazidi people, has been injured in a helicopter crash, according to reports from the country. It’s believed that she broke her leg in the accident. The same crash claimed the life of the pilot.

An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that she had died in the crash.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. It Was an Aid Helicopter Mission

Sinjar Mountains Aid Misstion

A picture taken on August 10, 2014 shows Yazidi Iraqi fighters walking past the grave of a child who died of malnutrition at a cemetery in the Kurdish city of Dohuk. (Getty)

The plane was delivering aid to the Yazidi people who are being held under siege by the Islamic State. According to The New York Times, there is no evidence that the Islamic State were involved in the crash. The cause of the crash is rumored to have been due to overcrowding, the chopper had taken Yazidi people on board. The accident happened in the Erbil area of Kurdistan, according to Rudaw.

The New York Times released a statement about the crash:

Today Alissa J. Rubin, a correspondent for The New York Times and Adam Ferguson, a freelance photographer on assignment for The Times, were injured when an Iraqi military helicopter carrying aid to stranded refugees crashed in northern Iraq. They have been airlifted out of the region in order to receive medical care. Alissa is a close friend and one of our most esteemed journalists. Our thoughts and prayers are with both Alissa and Adam.

2. She Emotionally Told the Iraqi Parliament Last Week That Her ‘People Were Being Slaughtered’

Dakhil collapsed in tears inside the Iraqi parliament a week ago as she pleaded for help for the Yazidi people. In raw voice, Dakil yelled, “We are being slaughtered.”

3. She’s a High-Ranking Member of the Iraqi Parliament

Dakhil has been the only proponent of the Yazidi cause throughout the world. As well as being an MP, she is the chairman of the parliamentary committee for construction.

4. A Humanitarian Crisis Is Unfolding in the Region

50,000 members of Yazidi people could face death at the hands of the Islamic State, according to Al-Jazeera.

5. Dakhil Is the MP For the Most Affected Regions

She is a member of the Kurdish Alliance Party. Dakhil represents the areas of Nineveh, Sinjar and Chenkal.

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This brave woman should be supported by all decent human beings that populate this planet. Look
at the subhumans that are trying to wipe out her people. All in the name of Allah. The onlyh thing I can conclude is that Islam is a violent gutter religion if this is what it stands for. It is up to the so-called moderate Moslems to purge their religion of these fanatical Islamo Nazis.

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