WATCH: Ferguson Cop Yells ‘I Will F***ing Kill You’ to Videographer

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There’s been no shortage of words exchanged between police and demonstrators over the past week in Ferguson. But few exchanges have been as shocking as the one captured by a citizen journalist and posted online Wednesday.

The journalist, who isn’t identified in the video, is filming the protests when the officer comes over, pointing a gun at the crowd and yells “I will f***ing kill you!” while screaming at the demonstrators to get back.

When the videographer asks the officer his name, he responds “Go f*** yourself,” prompting the videographer to respond “OK, Officer Go F*** Yourself” and “Officer Go F*** Yourself threatened to kill me.”

The video generated widespread outrage from liberals and conservatives alike. The National Review’s Rich Lowery posted it on the publication’s website and wrote: “I think the anti-police narrative in Ferguson is over-blown, but unless there’s some exculpatory context that’s missing, this seems pretty appalling.”

You can watch the video above. It contains graphic language.