WATCH: Ferguson Cop Yells ‘I Will F***ing Kill You’ to Videographer

There’s been no shortage of words exchanged between police and demonstrators over the past week in Ferguson. But few exchanges have been as shocking as the one captured by a citizen journalist and posted online Wednesday.

The journalist, who isn’t identified in the video, is filming the protests when the officer comes over, pointing a gun at the crowd and yells “I will f***ing kill you!” while screaming at the demonstrators to get back.

When the videographer asks the officer his name, he responds “Go f*** yourself,” prompting the videographer to respond “OK, Officer Go F*** Yourself” and “Officer Go F*** Yourself threatened to kill me.”

The video generated widespread outrage from liberals and conservatives alike. The National Review’s Rich Lowery posted it on the publication’s website and wrote: “I think the anti-police narrative in Ferguson is over-blown, but unless there’s some exculpatory context that’s missing, this seems pretty appalling.”

You can watch the video above. It contains graphic language.

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