Was hte Jarod Strangled to Death?

The online star hte Jarod is rumored to have been strangled to death, but confirmation of this has yet to be released. Is this just a hoax? The hashtag #RIPhteJarod is trending, along with some graphic photos of Jarod crying and another of him supposedly being strangled to death.

Fans of Jarod are posting concerned tweets and trying to figure out if Jarod’s all right or if the news is true. Hopefully this is just a hoax … However, there is a tweet that’s supposed to be from Jarod’s mother confirming his death. Read the tweet below:

There are some questionable tweets on the account, so some are wondering if the account was hacked. What do you think?

Have a look at some of the heartfelt tweets fans have written, as well as the confused ones, trying to figure out what happened to beloved Jarod …


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Frank Javier

So many things about this does not seem right. Why is there no coverage for this story. what is going on? “hte Jarod” isn’t a no-body. that is not a Parent’s twitter account! What is the truth? If this turns out to be a Hoax I will lose a lot of respect. Death is not a joke, nor is abuse or bullying or murder, etc. This is not cool.


This is news worthy? WHO THE FUCK IS HE? A nobody. Trying to gain online fame. Pathetic.


hey asshole, go look how many vine followers he has cause he isnt nobody… he was an inspiration and according to twitter his mom confirmed his death… real funny to you right? ignorant pos

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