Yunnan Province Earthquake: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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A 6.5-magnitude earthquake, seen in the video above, shook China’s Yunnan province Sunday, resulting in severe structural damage, electrical and telecommunication outages and a lack of transportation in the area, according to I Cross China.

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Here’s what you need to know:

1. Death and Injury Counts Vary

Different media outlets are reporting varying numbers of people dead and injured as a result of the earthquake. According to I Cross China, at least 150 people are dead and 180 are missing because of the earthquake. According to CNN, 26 people died and 79 people were injured as a result of the earthquake. According to the Associated Press, China’s official Xinhua News Agency reported 357 died as a result of the earthquake while more than 1,400 were injured.

2. The Area Suffered Severe Structural Damage

According to I Cross China, the quake destroyed 12,000 homes and damaged 30,000. Older buildings were particularly vulnerable to the quake, as well as residential structures, I Cross China reports.

3. The Quake Hit a Depth of Six Miles

According to the Associated Press, The U.S. Geological Survey says the earthquake, which it is reporting as a magnitude 6.1, struck at a depth of 10 kilometers, or six miles. China’s state broadcaster, CCTV, said this is the strongest quake Yunnan has seen in 14 years, AP reports.

4. Locals Said the Streets Looked Like a ‘Battlefield After Bombardment’

According to I Cross China, Ma Liya, an area resident, told them via phone that the streets of the province looked like a “battlefield after bombardment” after the quake hit. Ma Hao, a college student volunteering in the area told I Cross China:

Honestly, it’s such a shame that we had no time to take care of the bodies. We need to help those alive first.

Ma added:

It’s so terrible. The aftermath is much much worse than what happened after the quake two years ago. I have never felt so strong tremors before. What I can see are all ruins.

5. Government Offices Are Sending Supplies to the Area

I Cross China reports civil affairs authorities are sending 2,000 tents, 3,000 folding beds, 3,000 quilts and 3,000 coats to the Yunnan province. The area has experienced earthquakes before, with a September 2012 quake causing more than 80 deaths and 800 injuries and a 1974 quake causing more than 1,400 deaths, according to I Cross China.

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