Mayor Daniel Crespo Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The mayor of Los Angeles suburb Bell Gardens, Daniel Crespo, has been killed. Read on for the facts as the story develops …

1. Crespo Was Shot Dead in his Home

According to the city website, Crespo was raised in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, but that wasn’t enough to keep him from getting killed today. Crespo was shot in his home and pronounced dead at the hospital. USA Today writes:

Mayor Daniel Crespo, 46, was declared dead after being transported from his home to a hospital, Los Angeles County sheriff’s spokeswoman Nicole Nishida said.

2. His Wife Levette Has Been Detained

The mayor’s wife, Levette Crespo, was detained by police in connection with the investigation. It was determined she shot her husband, but she has been released.

3. Crespo Was Shot After a Family Argument

Reports are that Crespo was shot multiple times after a family argument in his home. According to ABC News:

Daniel Crespo Sr. became involved in an argument with his wife, Levette Crespo. Their 19-year-old son, Daniel Crespo Jr., tried to intervene and ultimately became involved in a physical altercation with Daniel Crespo Sr. During that time, Levette Crespo produced a firearm and shot her husband multiple times in the torso.

4. The Incident Occurred in Bell Gardens

Crespo is the mayor of Bell Gardens, California, a small city in Los Angeles County, and that’s where he was killed. USA Today reports:

County Deputy R. Rouzan said officers were responding to a shooting at Bell Gardens that took place at approximately 3:35 p.m. He said the incident was in the 6300 block of Gage Avenue. Bell Gardens is a city of about 42,000 people southeast of Los Angeles. It is located nearby but is a different jurisdiction from Bell, Calif., which gained attention for a major municipal corruption case involving its former mayor and other officials.

5. Crespo & His Wife Were High School Sweethearts

Crespo and his wife were high school sweethearts, who got married in 1986. They moved to Bell Gardens a year after getting married. Crespo leaves behind two children – a daughter born in 1987 and a son born in 1994.

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