Eric Holder Resigns: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Eric Holder Resignation


Eric Holder is going to resign. NPR is reporting that the nation’s first black attorney general will quit his job at the Justice Department on September 25.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. He Said in February 2014 ‘I’m Going to Be Here for a While’

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The NPR report says Holder will leave his position after a successor is named. A process, NPR notes, that could take until 2015.

In February 2014, Holder told the New Yorker magazine “I’m going to be here for a while…I think I’ve said, ‘well into 2014.'”

2. He’s the 4th Longest Serving AG

William Wirt Eric Holder

The longest serving attorney general, William Wirt. (Wikipedia)

Holder is one of Obama’s most trusted lieutenants and is the fourth longest attorney general in American history. The longest tenure belonged to William Wirt, who served between 1817 and 1829 under presidents James Monroe and John Quincy Adams.

Holder’s resignation means that the only two original members of Obama’s cabinet left are Arne Duncan and Tom Vilsack.

3. Holder Will Be Remembered for Calling Americans a ‘Nation of Cowards’

'Nation of Cowards'Attorney General Eric Holder says America has yet to come to grips with its racial past. What's unfortunate is that Attorney General Eric Holder's "nation of cowards" comment stole attention away from an otherwise brilliant speech. I have been going back and forth on this for days, and I now believe that he should have…2009-02-18T22:16:28.000Z

Holder was known as a political firebrand whose star appeared to fade as the Obama administration went on. Famously in 2009, during Black History Month, he called America a “nation of cowards” when it came to racial discussions.

4. Holder’s Last Few Months Were Spent Primarily on the Michael Brown Shooting

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In an appearance at NYU, just a day before his resignation, Holder spoke to students about the nation’s “critical opportunity” to change policing. This speech came in the wake of Holder’s involvement in the Michael Brown shooting.

5. He’s Married With 3 Kids

Eric Holder Sharon Malone Wife


Holder is married to Dr. Sharon Malone, the couple have three children, Maya, Brook and Eric.

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