Erica Hagan Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A 22-year-old Kentucky teacher was murdered in the bathroom of her apartment in Chile on the morning of September 6. Erica Hagan was in the country teaching English to young children in Temuco, Chile. She had been in the country since July and was expected to return to the U.S. in December, according to WKYT.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. She Was Killed by a ‘Sharp Object’

Erica Hagan Murder


It’s reported that Hagan was killed with a “sharp object.” She was found dead in her on-campus apartment at the school. Hagan’s had published a blog post on September 5, the day before she was found dead.

2. Hagan Was a Team Leader in Georgetown University

She graduated from Georgetown University in 2014. reports that Hagan was as an assistant in the school’s English Department and was a leader in the Department of Christian Education at the school. According to WSIL, she had a degrees in Psychology and Spanish.

In December 2013, Hagan wrote on her Facebook page that she was going to pursue Clinical Psychology in grad school.

The school has said that there will be a memorial service held in her honor this week.

3. She Moved to Chile in July 2014

According to her Facebook page, Hagan moved to Chile to work as an English teacher on July 28, 2014. On her page, she also says that she lived in Spain in 2012. The city where she was based, Temuco, is one of Chile’s largest and is close to the country’s southern border.

Her aunt, Charlene Martin, told WSIL:

This was a phenomenal, well-loved young lady that deserved better. She had so much potential and she was going places in her life. I was so proud of that young lady. So proud.

4. Her Chilean School Has Closed for 2 Weeks

Bautista College Chile

Bautista College in Temuco is shown here. (Google Street View)

The school were Hagan worked, a Baptist school, announced that it was suspending school for two weeks.

5. She Was a Proud Kentuckian

Hagan was, as a native of Murray, extremely proud of her Kentucky roots. On her blog, she described the stated as “the best place on earth.” She wrote that her favorite thing in the world to do was drinking “sweet tea. Front porch sitting. Food with way too much salt and pepper to be health (sic), but it sure does taste good.”

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