Herve Gourdel Pictures: Photos of Kidnapped Tourist

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Herve Gourdel, a 55-year-old French tourist in Algeria, has been beheaded by militants, according to France 24.

Gourdel had been kidnapped in the Algerian hills, where he was hiking, on September 21. On September 22, a video surfaced of him begging for his life. Just a day later, another video surfaced, this one showed him being beheaded by a group known as Jund al-Khalifa.

Jund al-Khalifa is a group that split from Al-Qaeda earlier in 2014. The group is led by Abdelmalek Gouri aka Khaled Abou Simane. The group have pledged their allegiance to ISIS, reports the BBC.

Here are the images of Herve Gourdel's life, his work and the reaction to his kidnapping in France.