Mark Vaughan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mark Vaughan is being hailed as hero in Moore, Oklahoma, after he shot and subdued Alton Nolen. On September 25, Nolen is accused of beheading Colleen Hufford and attempted to murder Traci Johnson at Vaughan’s Food in Oklahoma. While he was in the middle of this alleged spree, Mark Vaughan shot Nolen several times.

Here’s what you need to know about this American hero:

1. He’s a Corporate Suit

Vaughan is the COO and President of Vaughan’s Food. He’s also the president of Allison’s Gourmet Kitchens, also based in Moore. In 2013, that company fell foul of the FDA for an unknown reason.

2. Vaughan Is a Sheriff’s Deputy

He’s also a reserve deputy with the Oklahoma County sheriff’s department. Vaughan was off-duty at the time he shot Nolen. On the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s department Facebook page, it says that he’s been a reserve deputy since 2010. It adds that he is a “highly trained member of the tactical team.”

According to the Oklahoma City Gun Club, Vaughan is their Vice president.

3. He Sold Part of His Company for $18 Million in 2011

Vaughan Foods at 1088 Messenger Drive

Vaughan Foods at 1088 Messenger Drive in Moore, Oklahoma. (Google Street View)

In 2011, Vaughan Foods acquired by an Oregon food company called Reser’s for a cool $18.25 million, according to a News OK story. In a report from Oregon Live, it notes that Vaughan’s had been considered a “competitor” to Reser’s.

The same article notes that the company has a premises in Fort Worth ,Texas, in addition to Moore. The company employs around 500 people.

4. Vaughan Foods Was Started By His Parents

Vaughan Foods was founded by Mark Vaughan’s parents, Eugene and Edna, in 1961. The company participates in the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association Scholarship program.

5. Alton Nolen Was His Former Employee

alton nolen, oklahoma beheading, vaughan foods


According to reports, Alton Nolen had recently converted to Islam and had been trying to get his co-workers to join the faith. Until recently Nolen had worked for Vaughan at Vaughan foods.


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Lpcd Denise

Sad because his distant eyes give me chills, and his actions, especially against women illustrates an anger far removed from any ‘adopted’ religion; he’s an advid women-hater most likely spawned from a henious home life and up-bringing.


Really, a woman hater? I didn’t see that come up anywhere? What is worse, condemning someone for being a woman hater with no evidence, or hating woman for condemning without evidence. Be careful, it sounds like a path that leads in the same direction. Let his horrible actions condemn him, prejudice is not needed here.

Use some discernment

Thanks for hiring him in the first place only having to shoot him.


Hey they gave this guy a 2nd chance at life, what lib’s always complain about.


Would your mindset be the same had it been you mother, sister, or aunt???? Freakin’ Dembulbs!!!

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