Axl Goode, Ebola Stripper: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

axl goode, ebola, stripper, texas, amber joy vinson


Axl Goode is the male stripper from Texas who sat three-feet from Ebola-infected Amber Joy Vinson on Frontier Flight 1143. He has voluntarily quarantined himself.

1. He is a Male Stripper

axl goode, ebola, stripper, texas, amber joy vinson


According to his Twitter, Goode is a “a dancer, writer, model, aerialist, actor, [and] entrepreneur.”

His modeling work centers on erotic fiction book covers. You can view photos of his work on his website.

Goode, a native of Dallas, was on the same Frontier Flight 1143 as Amber Joy Vinson, the nurse that contracted Ebola from the now deceased Thomas Eric Duncan.

2. He Sat Next to Amber Joy Vinson

axl goode, ebola, stripper, texas, amber joy vinson

Along with his fellow stripper and romance cover model buddy Taylor Cole, Goode sat three feet away from Amber Joy Vinson on Flight 1143.

After finding out he and Cole might have been exposed to Ebola, Goode contacted the CDC where he was placed on hold for 81-minutes. He wrote on his Facebook about the long wait time:

I called the CDC. They have a wait time of 81 minutes. I opted for them to call me back. I spent the next 2 hours in a panicked state, trying to piece together as much information as I could. Reading article after article and seeing pictures of what happens to those who contract Ebola… I finally broke down.

3. He Placed Himself in Voluntary Quarantine

Upon finding out about his proximity to Vinson from the CDC, Goode placed himself in voluntary quarantine at his apartment in Dallas.

He told The Associated Press:

“It is pretty scary sitting inside quarantine waiting around because you don’t know. What if my thermometer — all of a sudden the temperature jumps — and I find out that I’m running a fever?”

4. He is Not Supposed to Fly or Get on a Cruise Ship

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(Photo by Center for Disease Control (CDC) via Getty Images)

Despite his voluntary quarantine, Goode was informed by the CDC not to fly or get on a cruise ship for the next 21 days.

21 days, or 3 weeks, is the incubation period for Ebola and is when an infected person can exhibit symptoms.

You can read about Ebola symptoms here.

5. He has Received Lots of Publicity

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Because of his unusual career and his exposure to Ebola, Goode has been contacted by a large amount of media companies.

Above is an interview he did with the Daily Mail.

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