Clinton Papers Reveal Obstruction on Whitewater, Lewinsky

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Clinton administration officials conspired to make hearings on the Whitewater Scandal “expensive and inconvenient” for TV networks and “boring and inconclusive” for the press, documents released Friday revealed.

The Clinton Presidential Library orchestrated a massive document dump, releasing thousands of pages of previously restricted documents as is legally mandated by the Presidential Records Act.

Topics of the documents include the Whitewater Scandal, Monica Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign.

NPR’s S.V. Date tweeted out a couple highlights, including this glimpse at the type of maneuvering orchestrated in a strategy memo on the Whitewater hearings.

And a glimpse at the administration’s planning on dealing with the fallout of the Lewinsky scandal.

USA Today’s Gregory Korte highlighted this email from Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal during the Lewinsky scandal.

The document below contains hundreds of pieces of correspondence both with and about Lewinsky, from her time as a White House intern in 1996 through the investigation that culminated in Clinton’s impeachment.

Monica Lewinsky Documents

You can read all the documents on this page of the Clinton Library website.