Brian Wilson, American Fighting ISIS: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Another former member of the U.S. military is fighting ISIS in Syria. Brian Wilson, from Ohio, has joined up with the YPG, the main Kurdish group battling ISIS throughout Iraq and Syria. Last week, reported that Jordan Matson, a veteran from Wisconsin, was also in the region and had been injured during a firefight with Islamic State members.

Here’s what you need to know about Brian Wilson, the latest American hero:

1. He Hasn’t Seen Any Combat Yet

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Speaking to a Reuters freelance photographer in the above video, Wilson says:

There are a few Americans who wanted to come here and help the YPG in any way we can. Everything has been fine. They’re very nice, very accommodating, hospitable. Very good people.

He adds that he hasn’t seen any fighting yet. The interview is believed to have taken place in the Syrian city of Qamishli, which is Kurdish controlled. During the interview, Wilson describes ISIS as “Daesh” the Arabic acronym for the group.

2. Prior to Joining the YPG, he Lived in Piqua, Ohio

According to his Facebook page, Brian Wilson is a native of Dayton, Ohio. It give his last city of residence as Piqua, Ohio. He graduated from Tippecanoe High School. Among his likes on Facebook, is Afghanistan Combat Footage, a Facebook group that posts raw videos from war zones.

3. He Joined the Struggle Against ISIS Through ‘Kurdish Contacts’

YPG Syria Iraq

The official flag of the YPG, who are battling ISIS in Syria and Iraq. (Wikipedia)

According to his Reuters interview, Wilson says that he arrived in Syria thanks to Kurdish contacts. His posts on Facebook are nearly exclusively related to the Syrian/ISIS conflict. His last visible activity on social media comes from August 26 when he posted a story with the headline “Kurdish Londoner Fights ISIS In Iraq: ‘I’ll Kill Them, They’re Inhuman.”

4. Wilson Joins Jordan Matson in Fighting ISIS

It was revealed last week that Jordan Matson, a Wisconsin-born former-U.S. Marine was fighting ISIS in Syria and had been wounded. He posted on his Facebook page that he died, but not before sending an ISIS member “to hell.”

5. The War Against ISIS Is at a Crucial Point

Syrian Airstrikes

(Screengrab via CNN)

According to the Turkish government, ISIS is tightening its siege on the town of Kobani, a strategic Syrian settlement located close to the boarder with Turkey. On October 6, fresh U.S. airstrikes didn’t help the situation. Since September, the U.S. have been attacking ISIS strongholds throughout Syria.