Christian Amadeus Taylor: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Texas A&M student Christian Amadeus Taylor swallowed the deadly chemical cyanide in front of students on October 15 and died two days later in a hospital after doctors tried to save his life. We still don’t know why this talented, popular, student took his own life.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Students Watched Him Writhing Around in Pain

A sophomore at Texas A&M, Connor Robison, told News 3, “I walked up. Out of the corner of my eyes, he had his head in his hands. He was kind of swaying back and forth. It looked odd, and I kind of kept an eye on him. Once I got past him about 20 yards, I saw him fall straight back out of his bench. Then, he started kind of seizing up and kind of writhing around on the ground.” Robinson says Taylor collapsed near Ruddler Fountain on the school’s campus.

2. Cops Are Still Puzzled as to Why He Took Cyanide

After University police and the College Station Fire Department’s Hazmat Team responded to Rudder Plaza, the medical director of emergency services, Dr. Brandon Lewis, said the patient received life saving procedures. Dr. Lewis stated that because Taylor swallowed cyanide, this required bringing out a decontamination tent.

After going through a decontamination, Taylor was brought to St. Joseph Regional Health Center, where he died two days later.

University Police Spokesman Lt. Allan Baron said in a statement, “The precise cause of his death is pending. A police investigation is ongoing, including awaiting results of toxicology reports. Authorities believe Taylor may have ingested sodium cyanide Wednesday afternoon.”

It has not been determined why Taylor consumed the cyanide intentionally, and the investigation is ongoing.

3. Christian Was a Biochemistry Major

Taylor was a senior at Texas A&M and part of The Eckleburg Project, a poetry magazine at the school.

4. He Was a Poet

Along with being involved in a poetry magazine, Taylor was also an poet. You can watch him recite some of his verse below:

Christian Taylor – Alfred Nobel @WANPOETRYSubscribe to Write About Now for more poetry videos: Ig: @wanpoetry Twitter: @wanpoetry Facebook: /wanpoetry Website: Christian Taylor performing "Alfred Nobel" at Write About Now Poetry. About Write About Now: WAN Poetry is a community-oriented collective of poets that meet at Avantgarden in Houston, Texas every Wednesday at 7:30 PM with the purpose…2014-10-19T01:53:21.000Z

5. Sodium Cyanide Is Mainly Used to Extract Precious Metals in Mining

According to the CDC, Sodium Cyanide is mainly used commercially for fumigation, electroplating, extracting gold and silver from ores, and chemical manufacturing. It can affect the body through ingestion, inhalation, skin contact, or eye contact. Sodium Cyanide is also an explosive chemical and highly dangerous to the human body when exposed improperly.

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