Cody Cousins Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Cody Cousins, the man who killed Andrew Boldt “because he wanted to,” committed suicide in Indiana State Prison in Michigan City. His death was confirmed on the morning of October 29. Back in January 2014, Cousins walked into a Purdue State University classroom to kill teaching assistant Andrew Boldt. Boldt, 21, was shot and stabbed several times by Cousins, who was also a student at Purdue.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Infamously Told the Court ‘I Killed Andrew Boldt Because I Wanted to’

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Cousins, 24, was serving a 65-year sentence for killing Boldt, which was handed down on September 19. At sentencing, the judge ruled that Cousins’ lack of remorse and pride in his crime resulted in the maximum sentence. In a shocking admission, Cousins said, “I killed Andrew Boldt because I wanted to. I’ll deal with the consequences later.”

2. Cousins Cut His Neck in Prison

The defense attorney during Cousins’ trial, Kirk Freeman, confirmed the sick shooter’s death to WLFI-TV. He cut his throat and wrists. The killer was found by guards during a routine security check on the night of October 28.

Cousins had been at Indiana State Prison since October 23 and was in a unit for new inmates. A spokesman for Indiana’s Department of Communications, Doug Garrison said that Cousins hadn’t had any trouble with other inmates since arriving. He was not on suicide watch.

3. He Was Jealous of Andrew Boldt

Prosecutors allege that Cousins was jealous of Purdue TA Andrew Boldt. Professor David Meyer said, “He was the most popular TA, teaching assistant, at Purdue University. He was everything the defendant wasn’t.” Purdue University declined to comment on news of Cousins’ death.

The shocking, violent nature of the crime was detailed in an affadavit from Cousins first appearance in court in January 2014.

4. Cousins’ Lawyer Said His Client ‘Doesn’t Know How Sick He Was’

Cousins pleaded guilty to killing Boldt and his defense sought a sentence based on Cousins’ mentally fragile state. His lawyer, Kirk Freeman, told the Indy Star upon learning of Cousins’ death:

My only comment would be that what I said at the sentencing hearing stands. He is so sick he doesn’t know how sick he was.

The man who prosecuted Cousins, Tippecanoe County Prosecutor Pat Harrington said, “It’s an unusual twist to a tragic case.”

5. Experts Determined that Cousins Was Sane When He Killed Andrew Boldt

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He suffered from schizophrenia and anxiety, according to mental health experts. During his trial, Cousins was asked if he took any specific drugs, to which he replied, Depakote, something Cousins said he took to “balance [his] mood.” Experts determined that Cousins wasn’t exhibiting schizophrenia when he murdered Andrew Boldt.